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The Excellency of Wifdom. 43 approbation without regard to any ufe or any S E x M. benefit which can be fuppofed to accrue II. from it. In all the variety of circumftances wherein men can poffibly be placed, and in all the views we can take of it, righteouf- nefs will ftill appear excellent to a reafonable nature and attra& its efteem. I come in the fecond place, after the ex- ample of Solomon and other facred writers, to compare the Doctrines and precepts of wifdom or religious virtue with other things which are molt valued by Men, and to (hew their fuperior worth. That thefe writers do illuftrate the excellence of wifdom in this manner is plain ; at the i Ith verfe of this chapter it is faid, Wifdom is better than ru- bies, and all the things that may be defired are not to be compared to it, and, ver. 19. My fruit is better than gold, yea than fine gold, and my revenue than choice filver. And Chap. iii. 14, z S. The merchandize of it is better than the merchandize of flier, and the gain thereof than fine gold. She is more precious than rubies, and all the things thou canf de fire are not to be compared to her. The Pfalmift often declares his efteem of God's laws, as far furpaffing thoufands of gold and fiver, and, yob xxviii. from ver. S. It cannot be gotten f ór gold, neither (hall flyer