Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

Ways of Pleafantn f. 69 foundation upon which we can have confi- SE R M. dence towards God. It muft be acknow- III. ledged, that he who is abfolutely fupreme, can make his creatures happy or miferable ; and reafon confirmeth what the fcripture declareth, that life is in his favour. It is, therefore, an unfpeakable pleafure to know that we are entitled to his approbation, and an extreme mifery to be under the appre- henfions of his refentment : Who knoweth the power of his anger? His juftice is armed with omnipotence to infii& punifhment, be- yond the reach of human imagination, on the obftinate workers of iniquity : But what can be wanting to the felicity of fuch as are in a Rate of favour with him, feeing he is infinitely powerful and infinitely good ? Now, there is no other ground upon which we can rationally form an expeátation that God will approve us, but our being appro- ved to ourfelves by a faithful difcharge of our duty ; for this is a molt evident truth, that if God accepteth of his reafonable crea- tures at all, it muft be in their doing that which, upon a diligent and impartial in- quiry, appeareth to their own underftand- ings belt. If any pretended revelation did teach the contrary, I do not fee that we F could ---v---