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Ways of Pleafantnefs. ; 9 abftra6ting from other arguments, religion SE R tvr, bath not the advantage of fuperior pleafure III on its fide, and even on that account juftly `mod claimeth that we fhould prefer it to the con- trary courfe. I know the prejudices of men incline them to a different opinion, and it is very ufual for thofe who are the leaft ac- quainted with it, to paint it in their own imagination with a four forbidding afpe&. Whatever other arguments may enforce it, and hard neceffity, perhaps, may ftrongly urge them to it, when they think on a fu- ture judgment, yet they muff lay their ac- count to part with all pleafure when they devote themfelves to the Rudy of godlinefs and fobriety ; efpecially, the light in which the New Teftament fetteth the religious ex- ercifes which it enjoineth, the duties of re- pentance, mortification, felf-denial, and pa- tience, carry forrow and feverity in the very found of them ; and to confirm all this, it is fometimes obferved, that the people who feem to be ferions and devout, who have a great appearance of piety, are the moft eftranged from joy. This is a matter worthy of our ferious confideration, that we may be able to form a right judgment ; but when the obj.eEtionis allowed