Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

84 The Ways of Wifdcrn, S E it M. rity might feem harfh, and the threatnings III. of penalties affright, yet the profpea of pleafure muff, one would think, powerfully, infinuate itfelf into the mind, and captivate its affections. In a particular manner, let the thoughts of chriftians dwell on the glorious gofpel where- by their confolation is amply provided for, Our Saviour fpoke his excellent doctrines and precepts to his difciples, that his joy might remain in them, and that their joy might be full; he hath promifed the holy Spirit under the amiable character of the comforter; it is the peculiar work of that divine Agent, that ref dent in the church in behalf of the Father and the Son, to con- firm the argument in the text, to minifter confolation to them who fincerely walk in wifdom's ways. And this thould engage us to adore our gracious God and Redeemer who had our comfort fo much at heart. We have a bountiful mailer who not only hath afcertained to his fervants a great re- ward in reverfion, but, even now, impart - eth to them that joy which is their ftrength, and attrac`teth their defires to that perfection of comfort which is to be enjoyed in his pre- ,'cnce; for the fpirit is given as a pledge or earnetî