Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

Of Chriflian Liberty. 93 ed unclean r,J;, -.. he would eat 12 fuck meat S E R mr, (though in itfelf lawful) while the world IV. flood. But there were certain bounds fets to this condefcenfion, and circumftances in which liberty was to be afferted ; he was not to be prefcribed to by the humours of any man, nor would pleafe them any farther than for good to edification. Particularly, it appeareth from his writings, that his rule was, as in the nature and reafon of the cafe it fhould be, that when peremptory de= mands were made upon him, as of right and neceffity, to conform to the notions and praftices of others in fuch matters, he as peremptorily refufed, and Rill would have his declining the exercife of his li- berty, in fome particular inftances, a matter of free choice, not of f1ri61 obligation, to be directed by his own prudence and charity, not determined by the decrees of others. The great error at that time relating to the jewifh rites, was infifting upon the obfer- vance of them as necefary either to falvation or religious communion, and St. Paul ex- preflly declareth himfelf againfl both ; Gal. v. 2. Behold I, Paul, fay unto you, that if ye be circumcifed, if being chriflians you will add to your religion and the founda- tion