Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

'96 Of Cbrifiian Liberty: SE R M. of the .7ews who were in thofe quarters, that IV. is, he did it only to prevent prepof eflion againft Timothy; yet when profeffed chri. ftians infifted on the ufe of that ceremony, in itfelf indifferent, as necefärÿ to qualify a man for communion with .them, or for be- ing. a teacher of chriftianity, the apoftle would not yield to them, fo much as for an hour; becaufe that was an invafion of liber. ty, an attempt to bring the chriflian church into a fervile condition, as that of the yews was, and becaufe it tended to corrupt the true gofpel fcheme of religion, which is of of itfelf,fuflìcient to all the purpofes of mein acceptance with God and their fellowfhip one with another, and which was intended by its divine author, to be always free from all fuch debafing mixtures and impofitions. 'there is another cafe related in the fame chapter, which, I think, remarkable to our prefent purpofe, and it is this, whereas the chriftians at Antioch, confifting of yews and Gentiles, and the apoftle Peter with them, 'lived freely together in friendly 'fellowfhip, Without any diftindion on account of the legal ceremonies, particularly meats, clean and unclean, according to the Mofaic infti- tution;. when certain yewifi chriftians came who Were otherwife minded, Peter fearing to