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Of Chi-fan Liberty. 99 righteoufnef. We have therefore full rea- S E x M. fon to acknowledge with thankful hearts the great goodnefs of God to us, who at ap- pointed our lot under the laft and heft dif- penfation ; Many prophets and righteous men have dejired to fee theft ihings which we fee, and have not feen them, and to hear thofe things which we hear, and have not heard them, Mat. xiii. The miniftration of Mofes was very glorious, given with awful and magni- ficent folemnity, and it was a very peculiar favour to the Ifraelites, for God (hewed his word unto facob, his flatutes and his judg- ments to Ifrael, he did not deal fo with any nation, Pfal. cxlvii. i 9, zo. but the apoftle calleth it the mini/tration of condemnation and of death, 2 Gor. iii. 7, 9. Now there is granted to us by Jefus Chrift the minra- tion of righteoufnefs, of life, and of the fpi- rit, which exceedeth in glory, in every thing the human mind can efteern glorious, in grace and truth, in beautiful fimplicity, in clearnefs and knowledge, in hope and joy; God having abounded towards us in all wtjdom and prudence, love and cornpafon, and in Jefus Chrift his image, difplayed the molt amiable rectitude and benevolence of his nat{ire. By the chriftian inftitution as fet againft the Mofaic ccconomy, the condition H 2 of