Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

ioa Of Cbriilian Liberty. S E R M. and ingenuous fpirits would be better recon- 1V. ciled to the yoke of Chrift, becaufe it is eafy and light. Surely freedom muff be pleafing to the human nature, and thofe aârions the molt agreeable which are our own choice : 13ut the true reafon why reli- gious exercifes are infipid to many, and fo much neglected, is the want or weaknefs of thofe fublime fentiments and pious affec- tions which chriftianity infpireth ; the im- preflïons of God are not lively, of his pre - fence with his creatures, preferving and governing them with perfeét wifdom and equity, of his love and grace to finful man - kind ; love to him is cold ; fo is the defire of righteoufnefs, far fhort of that hunger and thirft which our Saviour recommend- eth ; there is little relilh of moral worth and perfect ion ; therefore are pious meditations, prayer, and other acts of devotion, fo little relifhed ; nay, fo much defpifed by many profeffed chriffians, very unfuitably to the principles and fpirit of their profeflion, the J irit of adoption, crying Abba Father, in- clining his children to ferve him with ala- crity and joy, with fervent affection and dutiful refpeer. The earneftnefs and inten- tion of mind, the joy and enlargement of heart, the delire and delight with which the