Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

Of Cbrillian Liberty, 107 own ; fince no Jewifh ceremonies, no hu- S ERM. man invention or inftitution muff ever be a IV. part of our religion, received as if it were'e--41 neceffary to our acceptance with God, or a term of, and qualification for, any kind of religious fellowfhip : And fince it appeareth by authentic declarations and approved exam- ples in the New Teftament, to be not only the unalienable right, but indifpenfable duty of every individual chriflian, to ufe or for- bear indifferent things, according to the di- rection of prudence and charity ; in other words, as they appear, not to others, but to himfelf, expedient or inexpedient. Since, I fay, it is fo, this original plan of chriftia- nity, as a divine inftituted religion, is ear - neftly to be contended for by the difciples of Jefus Chrift, from a principle of loyal affedtion to him, as well as in defence of their common rights; for every encroach- ment of this kind, every impofition of in- different things in religion by human autho- rity, is fo far a change in the chriftian Elate and conftitution, and an infraaion on chri- flian liberty ; and our fubmitting to it is fo far really, though often not defignedly, yield- ing to a change, giving up the common li- berty of chriftians, and entangling ourfelves with a yoke of bondage. The