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2 Temptations to Evil, not from God. S E R M. and bear up againft the former, as well as I. make a proper improvement of the latter to `"V`) the true intention and end of them. Efpe- cially the fcripture doftrine concerning af- fli Lion is of great confequence to the right conduft of the chriftian life. We are taught that it is inevitable, and our own ob- fervation of the Rate of mankind in this world leadeth us to expert it. Now, af- flic`i:ion is an evil of which God himfelf is the author, very confiftently with the perfefl purity of his nature, and with the tendereft compaßìon for his fervants : Whom he loveth, he rebuketh and chafleneth ; and the defign is worthy of fupreme goodnefs as well as rec- titude, for it is to try the virtues of the af- flifted in order to ftrengthen them, that they may be found unto praife, and honour, and glory, at the appearing of yefus Chrifl, as St. Peter fpeaketh, i epift. i. 7. For this reafon the apoftle James would have chriftians fubmit chearfully in all thefe trials, or temptations as he calleth them ; ver. 3. of this chapter, My brethren count it all joy when you fall into divers temptations; and the reafon he giveth is juft that which I have mentioned, that fuch temptations are the means of our growth in religion ; knowing that the trial of your faith worketh patience