Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

Of Chr jinn Liberty, t 3 r what is the meaning here of decency and or- SE x M. der ? One would think it can naturally be V. no other than that the actions referred to in the foregoing verfes, which were religious fervices in publick worshipping, affemblies, fhould be performed in a grave becoming manner, fuitable to the nature and defign of them. Some of the chrifl:ians of Corinth, who were endowed with extraordinary fpi- ritual gifts, fuch as the gifts of tongues, of pfalmody, of interpretation, and prophecy, through an imprudent forwardnefs and of- tentation, attempted to exercife them in fuch a manner as to render their affemblies con - fufed, tumultuous, and unedifying ; fome fpoke a language which the generality of the audience did not underhand ; one of- fered a pfalm of his own compofing; an- other was forward to prefent his interpreta- tion of fome difficult point ; and a third as ready to prevent them both with his pro- phecy ; nay, to fuch a height their diforders rofe, that the voices of men and women interrupting one another, were blended to- gether in confufion. Now, the apohle hav- ing reproved thefe irregularities, and applied the natural remedy to each particular cafe, having forbid them to fpeak in an unknown tongue, unlefs there was one prepared to K 2 interpret ;