Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

-I iso Of Chrijiian Liberty. SE R M. unneceffary ceremonies, what have we to V. charge our conforming brethren with ? no ..- -""-) thing but that they fubmit to the injunctions we fcruple, which their confciences allow or require them to do. And is this a juít ground of any alienation of our affeEtions from them, or agreeable to the declarations and praEtice of the apoftIes ? Who art thou that judg ji the fervant of another mailer? to his own mailer he flandeth or falleth ; yea he (hall be holden' up,, for God is able to make him (land, Rom. xiv. 4. For, indeed, all that is fairly imported in conformity itfelf, is no more than a bare fubmiflion, and we have great reafon to believe that many good chriftians who conform mean no more by it ; and that their judgments, with re- fpea to liberty, and the right of impoing indifferent things as terms of communi- on, is very little different from our own. Some learned men, now in the eftablilh- ment, have been as zealous and able advo- cates for liberty as perhaps any age could boaft of, and have with irrefragable force of argument, afferted the right of confcience againft any proper human authority in mat- ters of religion ; by which means, and fo far as thefe fentiments prevail, the difference between conformifts and nonconformifts, is reduced