Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

IS6 Of Believing in 7efus SER M.religion eftablifhed in the country where one VIII. happened to he born, or becaufe they were '" believed and adhered to by his anceftors. But to the believing which is commanded in scripture, an honeft heart, a fincere love of truth, the truth which is according to virtue and godlinefs, are neceffary. The Bereans are commended, who did not implicitly be- lieve even the apofiles, but fairly tried their doätrines, comparing them with the Old Teftament, which they had received as a di- vine revelation ; for they fearched the fcrit_ tares to know whether thefe things were fo. The apoftles expected nothing elfe from them to whom they preached, and to whom they wrote; they fpoke to wife men, and fubmitted what they Paid to their judg- ments. And this Rill is our duty, elfe our faith, otherwife founded, will neither pleafe God, nor be profitable to ourfelves. Let us try chriftianity, for it will abide a fair trial, comparing it with the eternal invariable rule of right, with thofe firft principles of rea- fon and morality, which the author of na- ture hath indelibly written in our hearts; let us confider the pofitive evidence of the gofpel as a divine revelation, the fulfilment of the ancient prophecies in the great fads which it relateth, and the miracles which were