Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

Temptations to Evil, not from God. 23 This leadeth us to the other confideration S E R M. for illufirating the neceflity and importance I. of the apoftle's doctrine in the text, namely, the great advantage and ufefulnefs of it to the ends of religion ; and with this illuftra- tion I (hall conclude the prefent difcourfe, recommending to you the feveral particulars which (hall be mentioned, as the proper practical improvement of this fubje t. And, firft of all, that God is not tempted with evil, neither tempteth any man, tendeth to preferve in our minds the higheft efieem and reverence for him. It is not poffible for us to have a veneration for a tempter, it is a charaaer in which corruption and ill - will meet, and they are both detefiable. In proportion Rill as we believe and confider God's hatred of fin, and that he is fo good as unalterably to will the prevention of it and to do always every thing which is fit and reafonable to be done, and worthy of his other perfections, in order to it; our refpect for him, as the heft and molt ex- cellent of all beings, will remain and in- creafe; and it will diminifh as we entertain any contrary notions, and with it all reli- gious difpofitions will be abated. Secondly, This doarine tendeth to beget and con- firm in us an utter abhorrence of fin, becaufe C 4 i t