Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

Men tempted to Evil by their own Lulls. 29 variety of fubtil deceitful arts ; but there S ER :vr, temptations which give all others their great- II. eft force, and are themfelves the muff dan- gerous, are from within ; our own luffs, as they are called, that is, our lower appetites and pallions. For explaining this Subjeel, I will Firfl, Confider more particularly what is meant by luft. Secondly, How men are tempted by it, being dravvn away and enticed to evil. Thirdly, Shew that here we may reff our inquiry, as to all valuable purpofes of it, concerning the origin of fin in oui- felves. Fir/l, What is meant by Tuff. To un- derftand this we muff look into the inferior part of the human conffitutioú. Since it pleafed God to form man as he is, com- pounded of flefh and fpirit, it was neceffary there fhould be in his nature affeffions fuit- able to both : That the animal life itfelf, Iow as it is, fhould have enjoyments annexed to it, was worthy of its Maker's goodnefs, and his wifdom is manifefled as providing in the belt manner for the Prefervation of his own work by the fenfes, appetites, and inffinffs planted