Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

Men tempted to Evil by their own Lufis. 37 perior to the law in the members, and hath S E x M. a greater fanEfion added to it ; a much higher IL pleafure is the reward of obedience to it, and the moft fevere penalty of bitter felf- reproaches is annexed to difobedience ; whereas thwarting the oppofite law pro- duceth inward fatisfation and peace. We mufì:, therefore, conclude, that the firft mo- tions of luft, or of appetite and paffion in the mind, are not fins; and it is a dangerous miftake to think they are, tending to caufe- lefs fcruples and uneafinefs in the minds of good men, and which is worfe, to difho- nourable and unbecoming thoughts concern- ing God ; I fay, they are not fins for the reafons which have been infinuated, namely, that they are not in our power, I mean, as to their being or not being. And we are füre our wife, equitable, and good lawgiver doth not require impoffìbilities; and becaufe they are the natural growth of our confl:itu- tion ; and if they are to be reckoned fins at all; they are the fins of the conftitution,, which every one may fee where it will end, and to whofe account it muff be charged, not the fins of the free- agent, on whole will they do not depend. Let us fuppofe the cafe of one man tempting another; he reprefenteth to his mind the idea of pleafurq D 3 ax