Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

Sz Men tempted to Evil by their own Lulls. S E R M. be in vain ; and by them you are chiefly in Ih danger of being drawn away. And there - ` "d fore, Thirdly, If we would maintain our integrity, let us keep the ftrifteft watch over our own appetites and paflions, and here place our flrongeft, for it will be the mofl effeftual defence. To this end, it will be neceffary to ufe a fevere difcipline, that carnal affections may be brought under the government of reafon and confcience : The more they are indulged, the more impetuous and exorbitant they will grow; but if we accuflom ourfelves to reflrain them, not only to deny their mofl licentious demands, but even to check their firft rifings, and to retrench the gratifications which may be ítritly called lawful; and on the other hand, induítrioufly cherifh virtuous difpo- litions ; if I fay, we accuflom ourfelves to this, the mind will, by degrees, grow up to liberty and an eflablifhed felf- dominion, which will yield it the trueft enjoyment. Nor let us imagine this to be a needlefs fe- verity ; fo great an example of virtue as St. Paul, and fo eminent a fervant of Chrift, whole attainments in religion, and fervice to its caufe, were unequaled even by his brethren the other apoftles, thought it ne- ,ceífary for himfelf; he faith, i Cor. ix. 27. I keep