Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

j1;; 1 SS Of Natural, Moral, and Civil Liberty. SE Rm. Live of acing without reafon is a privilege III. worthy of rational beings, or that the li- `r0-"") berty of 'aging inconfiderately can ever an- fwer the ends of the human conflitution, and that in exercifing it the mind can attain a true felf- enjoyment. It followeth, that the great fundamental error in practice, againft the right ufe of liberty, is a&ing in- deliberately, determining precipitantly upon every motive that occurreth without con federation, complying with the firft fug - geftions or inclinations which happen to arife in the mind, without weighing their tendency, their continency with the fuperior affe1ions of our nature, and agreeablenefs to the judgment of confcience, the appro- bation of which is ablolutely neceiLry to preferve an inward folid peace. Such fatal temerity and weaknefs multi- tudes of mankind are chargeable with, in- deed every one in fome degree ; but they can never juftify it to themfelves. For no- thing can appear plainer to creatures con- flituted as we are, than the reafonablenefs of refledtion, in order to prevent errors; therefore our hearts reproach us for filch inattention as betrayeth us into actions which upon a review appear to be wrong, and might have been prevented, if we had ex- erted