Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

66 Of Natural, Moral, and Civil Liberty. S E x M. and bellowing undue honours on the rich,, M. without regard to their true characters; and 4--ti-"' and in oppofition to this blameable con duet, he exhorteth them to fulfil the royal law, Thou (halt love thy neighbour as thy fef,, which enjoineth an undiftinguifhing and uni- form affe &ion abftraeting from all fuch ex- ternal confiderations. To this law we muff have an univerfal refpeet, not obeying it in one inftance, but in all, otherwife we (hall not be accepted ; for whofaever( hall keep the whole law, and yet ofend in one point, he is guilty of all. Then followeth, fo fpeak ye and fo do, as they that jhall be judged by the law of kiberty,, which application plainly pointeth to an univerfal obedience to the gofpel, or an univerfally virtuous temper of mind and conduct of life, free from every bias, and the mifleading influence of every luft, paffion and vicious habit ; in which true moral liberty confifteth, as hath been (hewn. Another paffage in the firft chapter of that epiftle, giveth the fame reprefenta- tion of chriftianity, that it is the law of li- berty, only adding the epithet perfect. The author hath been recommending a diligent attention to, and due improvement of the word of God, that we fhould receive it with meeknefs as the ingrafted word which is able