Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

68 Of Natural, Moral, and Civil Liberty. SEAM. a voluntary abufe and perverfion of their III. own powers ; to recover them to the origi- - -Y^- -J nal integrity of their nature, to put them in a capacity, which they had in a great meafure loft, of obtaining its true perfec- tion and highelt happinefs ? What a pitiable object is corrupted man ? The glory of hu- manity is reverfed, reafon enfaved, con- fcience ftupified, the force of the fuperior affe&ions enervated, the lower appetites and pallions rampant and tyranizing over the mind ; no relifh left for pure rational en- joyment, but the gratifications of merely animal life, common to the brutes, purfued as the chief good. This deplorable Rate God regarded with tender compaffion, and as the molt effectual remedy, fent his fon into the world, to eren his kingdom, and publifh his law of grace, inviting finners to renounce their flavery, to break the bonds wherewith they were held in an inglorious captivity to the law of fin, by a vigorous re- folution of fincere repentance, to which they are greatly encouraged by the molt fa- tisfying afurances'efus Chrifi hath given them, that God will be propitious and re- ceive them into favour, and that fufficient affiftance (hall be afforded them for carrying on the great defign of their complete deliver- ance;