Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

Of Natural, 11Ioral, and Civil Liberty. 71 To effect fo great a defign, a kingdom of S ER M. grace and righteoufnefs is erected, and the III. adminiftration put into the hands of our Sa -v-1 viour, who for that purpofe bath received from his Father nll power in heaven and earth ; not a kingdom of this world, not a temporal dominion efkablifhed upon the maxims of human policy, enforcing its laws by the fan&ion of prefent outward rewards and punifhments, but a purely fpiritual king- dom, exercifed over free and willing fub- jefs, held in fubje&ion only by the bands of love, and cords of a man; that is, by inward affection and rational perfuafives, which only ace agreeable to the nature and defign of this government. From whence it followeth, that we ourfelves muff work together with the grace of God, and from an inward con - vifion, and with full confent of heart, yield obedience to the gofpel ; a conftrained fub- miffion to Chrift is really none at all, nor will be accepted by him ; and as we cannot be merely pafiive in the converfion of the heart from fin to God, which is really a vo- luntary exchange of mailers, a renouncing the hidden things of difhon fly, and the fervice of divers lufts and pleafures, and fubje L- ing of the heart, with all its alive powers, to God and confcience : So every ftep of F 4 our