Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

Of Chrifian Liberty. 8S or which is neceffary to the ends of the S E x M. prefent life. IV. But there is a liberty belonging to the `v--"' chriftian religion itfelf, relative to its parti- cular ends, as it is a pofitive inffitution and law of God, publifhed to the world, to be received, obeyed, and profeffed by men ; and by this is meant a certain privilege and right allowed and eftablifhed to every man to whom the gofpel is declared, and who embraceth it, abfolutely neceffary to its hav- ing its proper effect, and that the defign of it may be fully obtained ; or, there is a par- ticular perfonal liberty, wherewith Chrift, as the author of chriftianity, and for its pur- pofes, hath made the hearers and profeffors of it free. This liberty is the fubjed of our prefent inquiry, and we muff take our notion of it from the nature and defign of the inftitution itfelf. The gofpel is the kingdom of God, fo our Saviour reprefenteth it, or it is the inftrument Of the divine government exer- cifed by Jefus Chrift, over as many of man- kind as willingly fubjet themfelves to his authority for bringing them to the practice of true religion and virtue, out of a pure heart, and a good confcience, and faith un- feigned; in other words, from a fincerely G 3 willing,