Abernethy - Puritan-02056 v3

Title Page - Sermons on Various Subjects 3
Contents 5
Sermon I - Religion and Virtue, considered under the Notie of Wisdom 11
Sermon II - The Excellency of Wisdom 40
Sermon III - The Ways of Wisdom, Ways of Pleasantness 68
Sermon IV - Wisdom the Strength of the Mind 96
Sermon V - The Favour of GOD obtained by Wisdom 124
Sermon VI - Long-life, Riches, and Honour, the Fruits of Wisdom 150
Sermon VII - The Love of Wisdom necessary to the attaining of it 176
Sermon VIII - Diligence in seeking Wisdom always successful 200
Sermon IX - Self-Government essential to Wisdom 224
Sermon X - The Proud and Scornful incapable of attaining to Wisdom 250
Sermon XI - Attending public Instruction, and other instrumental Duties, recommended 276
Sermon XII - Walking with Wise Men, a Means of attainging to Wisdom 302
Sermon XIII - The Foundation of Confidence towards GOD, explained 327
Sermon XIV - The Foundation of Confidence towards GOD, explained 354
Sermon XV - Walking by Faith, not by Sight, explained and recommended 380