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Intradu. a. Why the moral Lasswas written. Chap.''. a again to the truth, and for their reentrance into the truc Chureh,:and becomingPro. felytes. Now then come we to (hew , that in this written Law of Mofes areal( the four properties which are in all Laws. i. Preceptum a Rule n for our æntions, rewardfor the manner liow to obferve that Rule. 3. 4. F kecpirg, and the puoit'hment for breaking it. Pfal.r9.7. t l' irft, that it is a Rule and Precept for our Anions. ThePfalmiß faith. The Law of the Lord is a perfect Law, &c. Every Law elfe is unperfeci. z. For the Manner. It requireth that Teti, we be wholeobferversoftheLaw, r r ii E it commands , that we do it with our whole Soul and Body. For we confift but of thefe two parts. And the Soul hkewife hath two parts, the Mind, and theHeart. NowGod mull be perfcame mentie fcoptu, the mark at which the mind muttwhol- ly aym , the end of all our anions , there muft be plena intentio ergs Drum , look wholly to God inthem. And theheart, which is the will , muft be coca inffammata, wholly inflamed. As for the Body , every Member of it muft beufed, and all the ftrength of it, to perform the Law, and be Inftruments ofRighteoufaefs ;. wtocor nut. 6,s: dc,rotis viribm all our heart, and all our ftrength mutt be imployed therein. For Totem all the Law. it's Gods own wi(h concerning the People. O that there z x®txm. were fuck aheart in them , that they would keep all my Commandmentsalways : S.z9 and it were very abfurd roexcept any. For whereas God isperfeEtly wife, ifTome them Precepts i wereefuperfluous. And as none of Gods -Laws mutt be left unkept, fo.nonebut his, or what is grounded upon them, or not repugnant to them, and im- pofed by lawful Authority derived from him , muft bekept ; for then his wildem would be likewiife impeached, if any thing beides his Law, or without fubor. dinatioo tohis , wer to bekept ; and the Law it fell wouldbe imperfect, but it is neither defective, nor hath any thing fuperfluous in it : and therefore God faith. Whatfoever thing I command you, obferve to do it; thou (halt not add thereto, or ra.3 a, dúninifh fromit. Nothing muft be commanded in Gods Name,as immediatelyfrom him, but what hebathprefcribed. For the Continuance. Tara invita eft obfervanda, It is tobe kept always, all the s'"17°,,,, daysof our life. The place beforequoted lheweth, by the word [always] that to continue all our livesin his obedience, is a partof the Law. And the fame to effect, ;r z; hecommandeth elfewhere, Thou (halt love the Lord thyGod, and keep his charge, and his ftatutes,andhis judgements,and hisCommandments alway. And in all places too, for t..(,ugh the place includeth not the time,yet the time includeth the place; and s therefortheHoufe ofRiflemen is not, not can be excepted. Thirdly for reward. Ifthe Law be kept, there is promife ofreward. This Saint s .r.turt Pantconfirms. Godlinefs (faith he) is profitable to allthings, having promife of the life that now is , and of that which is to come. And our Saviour faith, that they that have done good fhalï come forth of the Grave to the Refurredtion oflife. Saint Past teftiheth before Agrippa , that the twelveTribes do tell in hope of a Refur- recion. And the opinion of the Sadduces that held the contrary was ever odious to the heft pews, mat, Fourthly for punifhment. If the Law be not kept afterthis manner, fiat wholly, but in a double heart, then comes the Curfe,which the Prophet denounceth, Curfed is he that doththe work of the Lordnegligently. And for the return. He that keep- s, eth not the whole Law is accurfed. Curled is he that confirmeth not all the words of the Law to do them,and all the People Ihall fay Amen. Which verywords Saint e. Pall recireth to the Galatians, only he hath inftead of [ confirmeth not, ] continu- cthnot ; and that is for the Semper or Tote tempere, the keeping them always, letthere be thefe itwas f Gods fo hefay are : ter as when it will be fo oo he Andas is a fnlnefs of bleffing to them that can keep this Law , fo there is a ruinersofhis wrath to them that break it : a Curfe without a 13leffingfor the one , and a Bier fingwithout a Curfe forthe other. Curies for thefe in this life, Si nonobedietis, &c. If ye will not harken to do allthere Commandments, all thefe Curfesfhalicome upon thee. As they follow there. And for the life to come. TheirWorm thatnot dye, neither (hall their Fire bequenched , as the Prophet (peaks ; whichwordsour