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THE PREFACE. me , who came not to deflroy the Law but to fulfill it , &c. By which and many more Teftimonies out of the Ancients that might be produced , it appears , that concerning that .excellent Sermon upon the Mount , wherein the fum of Chriftian igion , and the way to life is chalked out by him who is the way and the life , their opinion is far from truth , who fay , that Chrift Both not there promulge ordeliver any Law as neceffary toSalvation, but onlythat he expounds theMoral Law given byMofes,and clears it from the falte cor- rupt gloflesofthe Pharifees,which is directly contrary to the conftant and unamimousdoarine of theAncient Church, andto the Text it felf : for thòugh it is true that Chrift Both therein often reflect upon the expofi- tions of the Jewifh Doctors who had corrupted the Law ; yet withall it is as true, that in thofe Chapters he delivers the Chriftian Law ; and therein brings up theMoral Law to a higher itch, than ever it was by Moles. This appears by that oppofition fooften made in thatSermon, between what Mofes fàidof old, andwhat Chrift faith, you have heard what was faidto themof old, &c. Ego autem dico vo6is, But I fàyunto you, &c. Whichoppofition,as alfo thesyriack andother tranflations do plainly thew, that as ( vobts) is rendred ( to you ) andnot (by you ) fo ( veterib- s) ought Test. Cieme; tobe(to themofold) not (by themof and therefore our translation as it a u, r p;Pn. puts the one reading in the Text, foit puts tl{e other, which is the truer in Am bto theMargent. Now(thofe ofold) were no other than thole to whomMofer Theopk. firít gavethe Law, and not the Lawyers and Pharifeesofthole latter times, Eathym, fo all the Greek writers agree and the Greek ¿1d.f, imports as much,which is ufually in other places referred to the times of Mofes andthe Prophets, Luke o. 8.1J and not to latter times, andwhich puts the matterout of question ; The Aûs t s. 7.11 words which our Saviour faith, were Paid' to them of old, are no other n í`'Zs'f', than the words of the Law delivered byMofes either in the fame very & :0.2. words, or in the fenfe. Thofe words, Thou Jhalt not kill, are in Exod.20. 3o. Andwhofoever /hall kill, /hall be in danger of ajudgement, are in Le- vit. 21. 21. Numb. 35. 16, 17, 3o. Thoulimit not Commit Adultery, are the words of the Law. Exod. 20. 30. He that !hall put away his wife, let him give her a bill of Divorce, in.Deut. 24.. 1. 7houlhait notfor- f rear thy fell, but(haltperform thy Vows to theLord. Exod. 20.7. Numb. 3o. 2 . Eyefor Eye, and Toothfor Tooth, (whichwas permitted inJudge- ment) Deut. z9.2 r. Levit. 24. 20. Deut. 19. 21. Thou /halt love thy Neighbour, viz. An ifraelite, Levit. 19. 18. Deut. 23. And hate thine Enemies, viz. Thofe (even nations whom they were to deflroy, make no league with them : nor to thew themmercy. Exod. 34. 21. Deter. 7. 1. Towhom the Amalakite is added, with whom they were to have perpetual war. Exod. 17.19. Deut. 25.14. We fee then that Chrift is fo far from taking any thing away from the Moral Law, that he rather adds more to it, and therefore the matterof the,Decalogue is Rill in force, and belongs to Chriftians as much as to any ; NayFaith it felf ( whichTomeof late have transformed into a sneer PlatonicalIdea abstracted from good works) I mean that Faith to which Juftification and Salvatien is afèribed in Scripture, includes obedience as see di to all the Commandments of Chrift, fo to the MoralLaw, as the veryHom, öf faith, life and form of it, without which as St. fames faith, it is has a Body &e. without a Soul, for what is Faith but a a relyingor trufting upon Chrift fir Salvation according to the promises of the Gofpel 5 now teeing that thofe