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á Of thepreparation Ç^ , 70 Introdu. f Í' T unclean is no whit the cleaner, but the clean thingis made unclean by it. Ir is .I t8he Agg,z. rz,i 3. ProphetHaggai's altufion. And our Saviour maketh it plain in the cafe of new wine Marth.9.17. and old bottles. If you keep not proportion between the wineand the bottles, both lake 5,37. will perifh, as is faid before: fo if there be not aproportion between the word and r the hearer,he is not fit to receive fo holya thing,and it will turn to the condemnation of the hearer, and the fruftration of the word heard. z. The time of preparation or fanEtifying prefcribed byGod here, is two days, to day and to morrow, &c. to thew that a convenient time muff be allowed for pre- r Sam.r4.i s. paration. not like Studspreparation, who being to encounter his enemies called for the Ark and the Ephod, and would needs fall to prayer firfl, before the battle be- gan : but hearing ofethe approach of his enemies , and fearing to lofe time by prayer, lays all afide, and fet his people in array, and fo his preparation was all in vain : for he did unadvifedly herein. God would haveus to continue in our prepa petit, 5,29, tion, and therefore he wifhes, O that my people would do thus always for the time that is bellowed and fpent in prayer is not loft, nay, it isthe bell time that can be be- flowed of any. 3, The fanftification here, was at that time but a Ceremony, a waffling, which u Cor.lo. r r. being a figure to them of Ifrael, they are examples to us. And as the Apoflle fpeaks, are recorded forour admonition: for every Ceremony- bath its equity, to which we are all bound. And thoughwe be not commanded to put our Clothes in the water, yet we muff be careful to wafh our Souls. The Garments of the oldLaw were Tunica &Pia, the inward and the outward Apoc.7.14. Garment, whichSaint 7ohnfeems to allude unto : which have wafhcd their Robes 2Cor.7.1. white, &G. And Saint Paid, Cleanfe your felves from all flthinefs of thefefh. We muft be cleanfedboth in flefh and fpirit. Now the heft way to make our felves clean, is, to fee howwe became foul, that when we be once wafhed we may keepour felves clean. Now there is a two-fold pollution whereby we became foul as in a garment. I. Pollma externa, outward pollution and afperfion, as fpots or 2. interna, grown within, as by Moths. Ley.' 5, I. If a man (in the Law ) did touch a dead Corps,orone that had an iffue,by that very touch he is made unclean ; and by this is allegorized the pollution we receive of theWorld, by ill Examples, ill Company, or the like : there is uncleannefs that will defileus with the touch. And fecondly, if a man havean ifi'ue in his own flefh; he isunclean; that is, the inward corruption:which is within as, the coneupifcence of our unruly affeelions, miring from the blindnefs of our minds, and refinance of our will : and all thefe had needof waffling and feparation. Therefore as the Apofile (upon the fiat place in Levitical) fpeakcth. we man come out from ,among them, Cor.6.17. andbe feperate,-and touch not the unclean thing : and it was the, fame Counfel Pis.5 r. i t. which the Prophet EJay gave long before. For the fecond ,(within our felves) Saint Co,.. 6.i6. Paul faith, that we are Templa fpirirtu fancai, Temples of the Holy Ghoft : upon whichSt. ding. faith, ,QuifqueCbriflianusremplum habet in templo, templumindomo,tern- plum forts, ubique &femper templum ambulant, every Chrifhan bath aTemple inhis Temple, a Temple in his houfe, aTemple every where abroad, and ever a walking oc z7 Temple. And becaufe there muft be no pollution in aTemple, none in Gods Tem- pie. Nihil inquinatum ingredietur in Iliad, there (hall in no wife enter into it any thing that defileth : we had need to be careful to wafh us fo, that all things may be clean unto us, and then all (hall be manda mundis clean to the clean. But if we be once cleanfed, we mull take heed that we be not defiled or polluted again. He that wa(heth himfelfafter he hath touched a dead body, and toucheth it s.diu.;q :5. again, is defiled, faith Syrach. Wemuft not therefore be like the Dog that returns o, to bis vomit: nor like theSowe that walloweth again in the mire. How then may we-be cleanfed ? Saint Aquiline tells us, that there is halneum ere/tum a Chriflo, balneum fanguinis ejxs, by the bath of ChriftsBlood. And this is it, whérein both our afperfions and fluxes may be cleanfed away. Of which Bath,the water of Baptifm is a roprefentaion. Baptifmtosabluit amnia peccata, faith the fame Father, Baptifm waf iethawayall fins. Et Amid,: non folum forties carports mondar, fed animam apeccatisliberar, that water doth not only cleanse the fpots of the body, but frees do Col! theS¢uf from fin. And not only by that, per Baptifmum flaminis , but fiaminis too, ififaaoe. t.; the Baptifmof firegoeth with it topurge us,even theSpirit of God, wnichremain- ctis