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102 Chap.6. Ofthe&iowledge ofUodand itsoppofits. Com, l . The reafon ofthe third is. That were be fundry things that a Man cannot have, but he muff have them alone , without partner or competitor. Of which number Mays. a Matter is one. And God is our Mailer, he is pleafed CO call himfelf fo. Andour Mat:6d4. Saviour faith, Neme poreft duobur Dominis fervice, no Man can terse two Mailers; the fervice to a Mailer mull be to him alone , elfe not. And theProphet in the per- Há s 9 (on of God faith , I will betroth thee unto me for ever: and the Apoitle, I have efpoufrd you unto one Husband , that is Chrift ; now a Husband alfo comes within s the number, and is to be had alone, and the condition of havingGod, is like to that of a Husband, one, and alone, or not at all. q. Another reafon may be added. The joyning ofGod' with any other thing mutt needs be much to his difhonour and derogation ; for he being the molt tran. fcendentnature in the World, there's no inferiour thing, but being joyned with him, Both much abafe him, and he will endure no difhonour , his honour he is very jea- lous of, and thereof his worfhip mull be kept pure without intermingling it with the worfhip of any other; for if any thing of a nobler nature he joyned with fome thingof a viler fub(tance , the nobler nature is thereby adulterated and corrupted, therefore Gods worfhip mull be pure and not mixt or fophiflicated. CHAP. VI, In the t. Prepofition of havingaGod is included. t. Knowledge of godwherein I. The excellency. z. The neerf¡et7. 3. How it is attained. Thecontrary forbidden is t. Igno- rance. 2. Lit-ht knowledge. What we are to k¿row of God. Impedtnrcnts of knowledge re be removed. Rules of dorcftien to be followed. OR the r. confederation ofthe Propofition. St. Pail faith that an Idol is nothing, and we know it;and that there is no other God bet ore. And therefore it may fecal ((range, that (in refpefl that Idolsnor ought elfe be Goes) he thsuld command us tohave no other Gods. We fay, though a Man takeArms againit hisPrince, yet he is his Prince (till, and he hathno other; and this having, is only true in refpeel of the fuperiour : yet the rebellious Subject hath him not for his Prince, or at leaf( will nothave him, becaufe beaccompts him not hisPrince; the like is betweenGod andus. He is our God and his Law is lcx (errea,it will hold us and have us,whether we will orno. Yet in re- gard we rebel against him and endeauor to exempt our felves from his fervice and obedience, in breakinghis Laws, we have him not for our ? od. It is the courfe of theHolyGhott to ufe this Phrafe. They had Baal and A(hrerorh , not that they were Gods, but that they in their accounts had them for Gods. s. Again (as the Philofopher) a thing is Paid to be had , when it is known tobe bad; for ifa Man have treafure under hisground and knows not of it, he hath it not. Betides aMan cannot be properly Paid to have, that, whichhe makes uo account of, asif he have Ruches or Cobwebs in his Houle, and caring not for them,hecannot be Paid tohave them. Therefore à Man cannot be laid to have that which he knoweth not of, or knowing he hath them regards them not. And fo he that will be laid to have God, mutt both know and regardhim; and this is that which is meantby hav- ing aGod. It bath been formerly Paid that the fpiritual worfhip and having ofGod was Deut.6.4: the end and (cope of this Commandment. The worfhip ofthe fpiritis divided is the Soul. The principal parts of the Soul (as God himfelf makes them) are two. r. Reafon or undedtanding called the fpirit in a (}rift fence, and fomtimes the Soul or mind. 2. AffetIion or will, called theheart. Now as we know the parts ofthe mind , fowe mull know, that there parts have their order; Virer animafuseordinata, the powers ofthe Soul are fet in order,faith the Philofopher, and the order is, firer to know, then to regardand love that we know : for lgnati nulls Cup*, and St. iltrguffine faith Invifa poßumto cupere,ignota nequa- two, wtMay deferethings we have not feen, but never thofe things that we have never