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Of Faith. andVnbelief. Com.r; faith Which' is there called Hypojiafs or a fubftance, (and thereupon the faithful are c -1; 2d [Pjpoffatici) -nowwe know that a thingwhich bath fubftance is able to receive agreat weight without fin inking or crufhing And fuch are the Saints of God. Da- rfal.,6.a. viol was Hypoftaticiu, he would not fear though the earth be moved, and the hills car- 3. tied into the miditof the Sea ; though the waters thereof rageand fwell,and though II. the mountains (hake at the tempeft of the fame, yet the Lord ofHofts is with us,the Pf .r r L,6,7s God of 7arob is our rcfuge,as he concludeth that Pfalm.And in another P./him he thew. cth the true ftgnes of a true Believer, he (hall never be moved, he will not beafraid, and his heart is'fablifhed. But the condition of him that wanteth faith is other- Mat..i'. 30. wife. ` If there come but a gale ofwind, SaintPeter finks, when holy lob on theother Job ' 3.' 5' fide in the fulnefs of this fubítance of faith can fay, Etiamfi occiderit tamers fperabo in ilium, Though he kill me; yet I will put my truft in him. Though God fhould punith hint in his wrath, yet he would not leave his hold. Rom.3.3 r. 4. The fourth figneof a truefaith is to eftablifh the Law, as the Apoßle fpeaks ; and it is a plain figue and demonítration of an ill faithto make void the Law, it mutt 3am.a7a6. be a workingfaith, if not, it is but like eutridum cadaver, a bodywithout the fpirit, Korn.. dead, foras Saint Paul faith, with the heart or man believeth unto righteoufnefs.- The. Pcov.#1 3 heart mull kindle it ; from the heart,faith the wifeman, comes the iffues end fprings of life, asid all the attionsand operations of a man, and if no anion, there canbe nó true faith. If the heart be once poll leed with this belief, then, as the Apoftle fpeaketh, hbe- lieved,'therefore have I fp c ken; then itwill c orne into thetongue, and not only fo, a Cor.4.r3. the Pla(mi6t; Alfouebones will (peak, every member will make profe(lìonof PCalm 35.,.1 _, it for as it is faid before,: according to the Phyfitians Rule, 3udicium a corde t per Mat.rj.i& brdebium, theheart makes the Puffe beat, and that not by little and little, or ina long time, but prefently_; and 'o is faith when it is in theheart, it bath its effens pre féntly, eadem horafanarus, he that boheved was healed the fame hour. Efa:66. s. The 'Prophet faith, Who hatb heard flack a thing ? who bath feen filch things ? (hall the earth bemade to bring forth in a day, o: (hall a Nation be born at once ? for aßoorí as Zion travelled jhe brought forth her children. The Prophet wonders at it, yet it is a fgne of true faith. 1heretore wáat is tacir faith, that is not feen till theydie? foe` Abak.a.4.t then they mutt truft in Godwhether they wil 1 or no, ail their life they willnot, at Nam.a3.10. their death there's no remedy. Bat n is not laid that tht. ¡nit-(hall die, but live by his faith. And I (hall hoepray withBalsam, Lot my Soul die the death of the righteous, but let my Soul live the life of the rihrcous. 6. The fixth Rule for Exp..frtion teaches us, that we should feek to ftrengthen the faith of ethers. Saint Paul, though (n ig in fa; .h, yet defrres to be ftrengthened and, comforted by the faith of the Romans. And the contrary (which is reducingothers/ Dea t; 6,rc is notonly forbidden, but alfo' apneithment is laid upon feducers : as we may fee in Deaaeromy, wherewe are conmianded not to content to filch; and not only fo, but rd be the firn: anon an his punishment. And thus if we labour to grow in faith our i Pet.r.9. felvesf,and to confirmothers, then as Saint Peter faith, we {hall receive the end ofour (;tans. t 3. faith, even the falvation of our Souls, and have thisanfwer, Vade & fecundity; fidem tibi erit, as thon halt believed; fo be it done unto thee. This will be Gods anf.ver toas, andmercesfidei eft visa dei, the reward of faith is the Vifion of God, for in re.. btufuranaturam idem eft hebere & videre, in fupernatural things its all one to have and to fee. W e (hall enjoy itCredendo quad nonvidimus, videbimus quodcredimus, by believing that we havenot feen, we thall fee that we have belived. And thusmuch for the duties of the minde, Now for theduties of the heart. CHAP. VIII. A The third inwardverme ir- fear of God. Addition r r. of thefeat offaith. Reafons why; God (hould befetgred. Offizial andfervile fear. How fear and love may ffand together. The fins forbidden. i. Wop( offear. 2. worldly fear. Motives tofear taken from Gods judgments. Thefagnes offear. VVE have feen ont of the poflle that faith muff be in theheart, and the heart muff believe; elf ere can be no righteoufnefs, there mu mutual