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9121, lh fètit e fGodsaàtdits coi»traries. Com. r, 14. he feátedand raid, furely this thing is known. There is noCreature but is manifeft in Neb. i.r; his`fight for all things are naked, and open before him. Inrefpec4 therefore thathe ItnoWeth.bur tranfgteffrons,our fear is to be fixed on him. And this putteth adifference betweenthe fear of God and the fear of man , which they call maiumdiuturnitatis cuffodem, an ill keeper of continuance ; for the fear ofGod isballad diuturnitatis Tuffoii agood keeper ofit. r. And now according to the firft rule for expofition ofthe Decalogue , we are to fee in this what is commanded , and what forbidden. 1. Here are commanded both'thefears, fervile and filial. I. The firft theSchool-men call, timorem fervorum, fervile fear, fuch fear as Ser- vants thew toMafters, a fear ofpunifhment; and this is a good fear, thoughit be ignorantly'condemned by forne. Trueit is , that the Apoftle faith, that the Sons Of Rom.S.ri. God have not received the fpirit of bondage to fear ; but the fpirit ofadoption, whereby they cry, Abba Father: the fpirit of bondage is inferiour to thefpirit Of Efly., aderptibu ; yet that fpirit is better than the Spirit of Belial , or that of flamber, of which' the Prophet fpeaks, whereby Mens Eyes are clofed. It is a Maxime, that attio perfeaa non recipitur, aifi imperfetie prim.,` there is no perfeft AEtion,but at firft iris imperfeft ; and it is'perfefted by degrees. It is a good Pfaim,54.15 thing tobea Son ; yet it is better tobe a Servant,a Door-keeper in the HouleofGod, fháhttodwell in theTents ofungodlinefs; betterto be à hired Servant, than a prodi- Lake,i6,i9, ga1'Stzn. Itisgood to treinCanaan táthe Land ofPrdmife,but ( in the mean time ) it is better to be in the Wildernefs, than in e./Egypt. So fear and fpare not,fac ( faith St. fins fine ) fi nondsmpötesamore jaJtitíe, at timore pane; do it , if not for love Oftgoodnefs,yet for fear of punithment; and his ground is out of a place in Deu- Deut,is9, teronomy, cap. 5. Nothing brought the /cwt to the love of God ; but the terrour thiyitfèkaëtived out of the ftrange fight's before them , yet God wifheth that they r'nightffàkre fuch a heart in them always ; that they would fear him: yet this e -'. 1 f Wâfi(INt" h' fervile fear , procured by the ftrange fights at the delivery of the $attl1te1 ravine fccond they call timorem filierum, filial fear. Thisthey illuftrate by an edcdmislettfram the Son of a poor Mad , that hath a reverend fear not to offend his Futhttro ough he be allured that he can do him neither good not hurt. And thefe twd fealiiiAiftinCt and different. The firft arifeth from the fear ofpunithment,and this fromlove and may beeaóíed reverence. This is the fear, which the Pfahnift calloth Pfaiat,t99- cléúVßaelftrdureth foRker; and thus we perfeft, or work out our falvation with Phlh, feti ynd"tretitbling. The reafon why, though we may and ought to obey God out of-Love, yet it bath pleafed hitn to command fear, is threefold. s. `T-40v tit -hro,v the vain fpeculationof Tome erroneus people , thatdream ofan 8rov. z... 14. abfolaiiStrittiefion in this life. Thewife-man faith , Beata' gutfemper pavit, happy itAfïe'lVláf1 Eltatfeareth alway. And either there is no perfection in this life, or elfe fatakitd tt#ltrous, he that cannotfall, need not fear. But becaufe in this life there 2 r.; , tltttle14b =perfeftion, and thoughwe have obtained perfeftion of parts , that is, all vertues` atsd graces required in a Chriftian ; yet there are feveraldegrees ofper- 411eitin we muft (till begrowing for a Child , though it have all the parts crftittpIkkTIMitoi yet it hath them not in that degree ofperfection, which one of .r,t.ati,a dt!skiathaiidihÑhtd;- therefore this fear is always neceffary. Norte Rands fo fait, btttlfehild fall;,hìídttherefore mutt always fear. sd; oftiftifnitghbaStitt children of God oftenfeel in themfelves a fecblencfs in Faith, s,t liTdöübNf itigat, coldnefsmn prayers', flownefs in repentance, and a debility inall olio#' rat duties, in forne more, in others lefs, according to the ntcafrre of the Qe8thstfnicated to thertí, es it was in King David ; therefore fear is nr ce(fary -to thernfet'es, áîrd"the"that lofeth it not, his heart (hall nevcrbehardned, ü,nscriür 11:11tpitnifchief;104,t intimates, in the place before cited. FearIsis 61181ttifkfitifiive for-114 ihriÁirt ; though all other duties fail , yet if fear continue , we fhaltwikrtcrided4eklettfialE >,Q siiiift'vräiAlAr'd ift#t;17d ni3w it fora truth ; that for the keeping , continuing , .11a 41.4.1.l?"414 ißg oft#iáaeinißÑr'dnd äutie3=;' which God bath comma, ded , there is nóiIik tíí{+tldQYófitab%i4thd' VàilaisleV than fear; Whys the fracc of God is wi:h. t ' to