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Chap. $. Of thefearofGol, and its contraries. CorTh t. - t hugs tohim faith the I't.,in:ilt. If he whet his glittering Sword, and his hand take Pl'a1.62.ire hold onJudgement , he will render vengeance to his enemies. At hisreproofall the; pillars of the Earh tremble , faith lob. Job.a6.t;, q:. I n regard of his jufticc. Ile hareth all svórkcrs of iniquity, there's no corrupting t of this Judge. . Riches profit not in the day of wrath but he will do that which Prov.ix.a. is juft, he will reward every Man according to his works. Mat.16.27. : 5: In confideration of the fearful figns which will go before this judgement, which will be fo ftrange and terrible, that as the Prophet fpeaks , All the Inhabitants Jcel,z.; of the World (half tremble, when the dayy of theLord (hail come. Our Saviour de- Mark Lake,xa: . fcribes them in the Gofpel. And Saint Gregory faith, xltima tribxlatio maeltir tribúla. tionibua pervenitr+r per crebra mala gue per venittnt , judiçánttir mala perpeta qua fequantur, There are many tribulations whichprecede the laft ; and by thofe foregoing we may conceive ofthem which are to come. .ç 5Laftly. In - regard of the accufcrs, God himfelfandChria will be both Judge zg a1 andWitnefs ; I will be a fwift Witncfs, faith God. The Angels, Devils, our own Çpofçienecs, our worksÿ; for they will follow us. The Creatures which we ha¢e Apoc. ik;t pbufed, and the wounds of Chri(t, caufed byour fins. ao 3. The third Cortlideration is Terror pmnarum, the terrour ofpunifhments, which is commonly divided into Perna fenfua C`': Peen Damni, the pain of fenfe and lofs ; The pain and grief we have in that. we feel , or in that we forego. a. In that we feel , Chri(ts Fan is in his hand, and he will thorowly purge his r,t 3_t a; Floor, and gather his Wheat into his Garner; but will buret up theChaff with un. quenchable Fire. The grievoufnefs of theft pains we (hall find; if we confider particularly .rr,{s2? what they arc. a. The fharpnefsof them , there fhall befire. And as in this particular, fointhe `'f`ßì ref} we may truly fay, that the leaft of Hell pains aregreater thanall the painsof this World put together; this Fire (hall far exceed that in the Furnace heated fevers times atthe command of NebtichadnezAar. It is a Lake burning with Fireand none. t S. 2. There (hall be darknefs worfc than that of ("Egypt, Job calls it a Job,ro darknefs, where the light is as darknefs. Saint Gregoryfaith, Ignisinfernaliscontre.22 mationem habet, lumen non habet, fiamma itla cxmburit, fed tenebrax non expellit , TheL:$inoes i'-- Flreof Hell hach burning, but no light, the flame of it burns, but cxpellsno darknefs. 3. There (hall be noyfome ftench. And fo much the materials ofthis Firemay intimate tous, which is Brimflone, as bad a finell as may be; beides as the Bodies of the Godly. (hall be a fweet fmcllingSavour, fo (hall the Bodies of the wicked yield and fend forth a noyfome fteneh. 4.. There fhall be hunger and thirst never to be fatisfied. For the fielt our Saviour Luke,6.rt. denounceth this Judgement upon the wicked, woe unto you that are full, for ye (hall n6sq. hunger; for the othcr,the rich Man (mentioned byqurSaviour) found the want ofas much water as would lye upon the tip of Lazarou s Finger. And for them both the Prophetfaith , My Servants (hall car, but ye (hall be hungry i and tnyServantslhall drink, but ye shall be thirfty. you add the company which the wicked (hall enjoy (notwithltanding there (hall be many other miferies) it will makc,the Pima feufa; full enough to caufe fear in us. And they be the Devils which torment them, and the wicked tormented; whole the cruelty and ghaftly looks ofthe fir(t fort , and the howling lamentations and gnafhings ofTeeth of the ether , will make difconfolate enough their fences of Peeingand hearing. For Puna damai, this inftead of much may be laid. That as it is the chicfeft goodofMan, and theheight of his felicity to enjoy the infinite goodnefs ofGod and á: ttis beatihcol Vifion, fo is it his greateft miferytobe deprived of it. And thou ! the wicked and reprobate love not God , nor : delire to be united to him in refpeet todo him honour; yet defire they to. be in Heaven , in regard it wouldbe to their profit to enjoy eternal happinefs. The (aft confideration of thepains, of f:tcll ;which is not the leaf};and hath reference both