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C+Ycáp.9. Of Humili)andPride, &c. Colt. r. i3 us to God byPrayer, and to the word for comfcrt it makes us to enter into the houfe of mourning, and toexercife difcipline over our felves, with otherthe likeeffefts which it works. 4. Laftly, The bell and chief motive fhouldbe the example of our Saviour ( of whom though there were many things worthy our learning and imitation in him ) yet he would have us chiefly learn this duty of humility. Learnof me ( faith he) )mat t* í$,' for I am meek and lowly in Heart. And fo all his acts upon earth did teftifie of him; john his preaching washumble, he fought not hisown glory, his miracleswithout pride; 5.4; fee thou tell no man ( laidhe ) to the cured Leper, he begins his firft Sermon with, Bleffedare the poor in fpitir, his be haviour was humble; of which he left anexample in wathmg his Difciples feet, exemplum dedi vobis, he was humble in his birth, hum - löhn r3. '5° blc in his life : But his deathwas a truepattern of humility beyond all prefidents; He humbled himfelf to death, even the death of the Crofs. Phil. s. S. Saint Augutineupon our Saviours fpeech before mentioned, Mat. i r. sg. faith,dif cite a me, ianmandum fabricare non cuntl'a vi1bilia & invifibifia fabricare, non in ipfa DeVerb, mandomiratula facere&mortuosfufcitare, &c. Sedquad mitisfum E humilis corde, Co- gammagnam conflituere fabricam celfstadinir, de fundamento priùscogttahumilitarïs; L. am of me, not to create the world, or all vifrble or invilìble things, not to work mi- rades in the world,as to mile the dead,&c.but to be meek and lowly in Heart as I am. Thou conceiveft to erect a great fabrick of Honour, firft bethink thy Pelf of laying the foundation of humility.. Md another Father upon our Saviours firft Sermon [Blef'ed are the poor in Mat 5.3 fpirit ] Ne cantemnerent hominis haamilitatem, placnit Deo plara largiri in hùmilitate faa, quam in Majeftate qui igitur vermin. hu -:iiarife, verentureafacere quafecdt . Dean, Left men fhould defpife humility, it plcared God to bellow more on Inc time of his humility, than in his Majefty, They therefore thatare afraid to humble themfelves; fear that which God himfelf did. And fo we come to the ligns of trie humiaty. r. The firft ftgn of trite humility appears in our tongues by ruling that, and for Pfal, tit. 1: bearing to talkof matters above us. Speak not proud things. And nor only to; but 1a. 3 not to have them in our thoughts, but to be content to deport cur felves according to that condition, in which God hathplaced us. Wemull know how to be abafed and ho iv to abound, elfe God will make us, as he did Baruch, who di., pure Phil, 4, it; Peekafter great things. And therefore Saint Augugine faith, this is a true figs of hu- mìlity; when a man defpifeth thole things as weh which he might haves as them he Ae,treh; wouldhave. 2. The fecond is; when we let before us for our (Neff bonaaliens "d' 1 t male nöflYa iU,t aie emulentur hecut corrigentur, other mens good part-, and our own evil ; to follow r eir's and co red our own. When a man doth with the Prophet, acknowledge Pfal, pr; 3. h s own fin, and his own tranfgreflìons are ever beforehim : and not bufre himfelf with of >.er mens faults ; whereas the proud roans thoughts are bonafitä; midstaliend thee= vif in others, and the good that is in himfelf. 3. Another figs is, whena man is able to Puffer theHander, backbiting and repro. cr,es of illTongues, and not regard rhetti as King David did. As for me ( faith he) I was like adeaf' man, and heard not, and as One that is dumb and openeth nor his Pfal 38.13 mouth : and in the next verte I became even as a man that heareth not, and in whofe Mouth is no reproof. Thus he (hewed his humility, whenhe bare patiently the railing of Shimei: Chrift being reviled, reviled not. 4. The fourth, not to do any thing that may be againft Gods glory, though it be to a mans own reproach and Inhering in this World; when he is willing to fuller any thing himfelf, rather than any difhonour (Mould redound to God or his Church, by opening the mouths of the wicked Pral 60. 6. Let not them that truft in thee be afhamed, OLord Godof Hofts, for my caufe, letnot thole that leek thee becones founded through me, &c. ;. The laft is, not to rob God of his GlOry; or to give itto another. flow can ye believe, faith Chrift, that reek gloryone of another. The humble man, as the john ;. Pfalmift faith, fetteth not byhimfelf, hut is lowly in-his own Eyes, Pfal, 15.4. this is evidentimum fignumappropinquantisjllariæ ,for before honourgoes humility,a3aproud !Oak before a fall, Pro. 3. 3. CHAPo