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14.8 CI u1. t -3. Of Prayer and ihah&zsgiving. Ix'Moral. 'for thy-felt, one (hall pray alone for thy (elf, but if thou pray tor all men, all mer.`-w;ilt pray for thee. And St. Gregory faith, Quisquispro aliia intercedere ni:itur, fibi prim ex cbaritatefuffragett, proferret ipfo tanto cituct audiri mcretar, panto mans de wore pro slits intercedit , whofoever prays for others, Both the rather pray for -hìrrifelf, and by fo much the fooner deferves to be heard forhimfelf, by how much the themore'devoutly he intercedes for others. St. Cbryfoffome bath au excellent fprech rnMark . to this purpofe. Profi orareneceftascogit, proabmcbaritao fraternitatiehortattrr: drlci- or autemante Deism eft oratio,non gleam neceffitae rranfmittitfed gleamcharitaafraternitatis commendar : it is meer neceffity that comets man to pray for himfelf, but it isa bro. therly affeftiouthat drawsa tpau to pray forothers : and that prayer is more accepta- 'ble to God, which is caufed by love than neceffity. This part of invocation hath divers branches. As we are to pray for all men. T. Per r John 1- i6. (inners, that have not finned unto death, and there is a promife that Prayer shall be fames;, r S. heard. In which refpci t there is a Prayer in our Liturgie, firf for them that are 'with- out theChurch, for their converfion, as Heathens, Jews, Turks, Hereticks,Schifina- ticks : then for chore that are inthé'Church; which are with us, and yet not of us, but are flit! in blindnefs andignorance, or know but praifenot. z. Weare topray for them, that not only are oppreffedwith outward aftl;Clions, but inward tetiipta- ._ dons, andthe burthen of their fins. ;. For thofe that nand, that they fall not, but perfevere. 4. For them thatare our enemies and perfecute us. And for this we Mat. S. 44. have not only our Saviours precept, but the pra Ibfeof holy men. Saint Gregory Horn. z7. in Evang. upon that place in %eremiah. t S. t . Where God faith, though Motes and Samuel food before me, yet my Heart could not be towards this peo- ple, &c. asks thequenion, why ,tt,ofes and Samuelare efpecially named; and gives this reafon, Becaufe the Prayers of fuch are molt powerful withGod, who having received an injury, can prefently pray forthofe that wronged them. Now fuch are ExEü.17. a. Molts andSamuel. For Mofeswhen the people were ready to none him, prcfently 'prayeth for them. Samuel though thepeople defired to can off his Goverment, à Sam. is.;3 :yet faith, God forbid that I íhould ceafe to pray for you. And of thefe Prayers it is faid, that they (hall return into our own bofome. They arevery affeduat, Palm 3f,r3. for in thefe cafes, uiproeliisoral, profe laborat, he that prays for others, labours for himfelf. 5. For Kings o d Magiltrates, as the Aponte advifeth. 6. Lally, but z Tim. s. z. molt efpecially for thepeaceand good of the Church. O pray for the peace of ?erg. Pfahn) zs. 6. falem, 'faith the Pfalmilt, who all() wifhed, that his Tonguemight cleave to thereof 137.6. of hisMouth, if he forgat to pray for it. The Fourth Branch of Invocation is T hankfgiving. Invocation is for that we 4. want and delire. Thankfgiving is forthat we have received. So that whetherwe be Efay.6S. z4, anfwered before we call, as the Prophet fpeaks, when God gives before we ask; Mat." into whether it be given us when we ask, in both cafes we have caule to enter thisconfederation, QuidretribuamDomino, what (hall I render unto the Lord Pfalm r is.rz. forall his benefits. And indeed thechief end ofall Ihtuld be the Glory of God. For, for his Glory all things that are made were created : the feventh day when he had Gen, z. 3 finifl ed his work of creation was innituted far his Praile and Glory. And for this purpofe man was placed in Paradife to praife hire, and after his fall, man kinde had Efi.z4.1 ;.&c, perifhed, and all things had beenagain reduced to nothing, but that God might have louse to glorifie him. Now it is plain that God takesand accepts of thanks as a a Chr. se. 3s. great part of his Glory. And therefore were the thank.offerings among other Sacri- 33.16. fices for Gods fervice andGlory institutedof old ; and he that offereth me thànks Pfaian $0. 23. ( faith God by the Prophet)giveth me Glory : and the Aponte, All things are for a Cor. 4.1 s. your fakes, that theaboundant Grace might, through the thankfgivingof many, re. dound to the Glory ofGod. That which the HeathenPaid is true, Greene animue eft meta benignitatis, gratitude is the end of bounty. And it is the conditionof our obligation to God, and of Cods P{,Iu So, If, to us. Call uponmein time of trouble, and I will hear you, there is Gods.; and thou rhalt glorifie me, there is ours. The Hebrews make Thankfgiving to conff of four parts, according to the four wordsufed bythankful perlons in Scripture. r Ccr.4.7. r. Confe(fion or acknowledgement, Canfltebor, I will confers, that we haveno- Palm 1 ar, c. thing but that wehave received from god. That our helpcomcth from theHills from no