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THE PATT H RN OF Catechiftical Doarine AT LARGE O R, ALearnedandPious Expofitionofthe TenCommandments, With an INTRODUCTION, Containing the Ufè and Benefit of Catechizing the General Grounds of Re- ligion ; and the Truth of Chriffian Religion in parti- cular 5 proved-againt(1 ATHE IS TS, P AGANS JEWS, and TURKS. By the Right Reverend Father in God L11 CELoT e D7,E'WS, late Lord Bithop ofWinche jter. The Third Ëdition, Corre&}cd andPerfected, according to the Authors own Copy s and thereby purged from many thoufands of Errours, Defects, andCorruptions, which were ina rude impeded Draught formerly Publifhed, as appears in the Preface to the Reader. Ecclefiafes sa. 53. Fear Cod and keep his Commandments; for this is the whole dutyofMan. a Corinth. 7. 19. Circumcifóyt is nothing, and tJncircumcilon is nothing, but the keeping of the Ccmmandments ofGad. LONDON, Printed for M. G. and are to be fold by George Swinnock, at the Crane inCheap_fide, over agaiçft Mercers-charnel, 5675. 4