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i 8 Chap 'confifis not in Riches. IntroduEt. :.'This is apparent m the Example of Riches , and the delire of them avn'ñ:ronv, refire and appcti:c hitter its name from Wig, a word cxpreffing an eat-- heft motion; rdere,.lagraecupiditate, to burn, or fame with defire:in which re- fpeel it is called arde4, appetitua an ardent define, tyros if a man heap never fo much wood Upon a lie, though at the it:it it teem to put it out, yet by little and little the fire waxeth bigger by reafon of it , and is as apt to receive more wood as it was in the beginning. And fo it fares in the.delre of Riches, the -more matter isminifired, the lefs the deurc is quenched, but frill increafcth till it come tobe infinite. _ uamodo ejus fain; extingucs, cujus fitis ex pata crefcit? How then_will you quench his thirit , who the more he drinks the more he may ? Therefore there is no worldly thing that can fatisfie mans appetite. Riches were not made to fill a- mans minde, no more than Learning to fill a bag, or the Air to fatisfic an hungry belly. 3. Prefuppofe that the mini could. be capable to receive or be fatisfiedwith Riches, yet are they not proper to the foul of Man : and the Rule is, Oportet opponi defderatorm defideranti, That which is principally deíired rhould ever be given to the dcfiring._ 4.` But grant all this, 'yet when a man bath all he defireth, yet he may have a new appetite, and fo after he bath filled one bag, he may delre to fill another, 1'rov. ;c, I 5 and after one Barn, another. Hence it is, that fuck are compared to the Horfe- Iceches two Daughters, that cry Give, Give, and to the greedy Maftifre, that fwal- loweth.up whole models, as fart as they are ,caft to him. And this appears moft plainly iníilex:inder, who fhed many tears, becaufe there, were no more worlds for him to conquer. .7heocritus faith of the covetous man, That firlt he begins 'with Millemeinerrant in montii ns agni, I have a thouland Lambsfeeding in thé moun- tains, and having gotten a thoufaud, his delire goes higher by degrees, and faith, Pauperiseft nomerare perm, he is but a poor man that can numhcr hiscartel or tell how many he hath. Therefore we may well conclude, that all wayes which tend not to.God are un- natural, and fo are all other deliren: they are like todrink to anhydropical man, they fatisfie hot, but bring usout of the way, fo that we [hall never ceme toour journeys end, nor enjoy trite felicity by them. t. The other is perpetuity. And where this is wanting, there arifeth fear of loffng the Felicity we have, which begets difquict and anxiety, and fo no fe- licity. But this perpetuity is not, neither can it be in any thing but in God a- lone for though we continue , yet (hall all things elfe par, as'It was with lob, ar.d the rich man in the Gofpel. We get them hot without great labour, and being "gotten , they are (as the Prophet fpeaks) but as a fptdcrs web, which mä}ß ftiddenly be £wept away: or as a Cockatrices Egg, he that cateth of it EIS. 59. 5. dicth, and that which is crufhed breaketh' our into a Viper. Saint Ágitftine' faith of them, Si non habeas finem Pion, habebunt fluent tuners, if riches have not an end, the owner will. z. The Uncertainty of thcfe things appear in !;his, that money is fubjedi fo theviolence of Thieves; Mcrchrndife toStorms at Sea, Cartel to the Rot, build- ings to cafualty of fire, as cafual are they all as uncertainty it fell; like to a brittle .glafs fubjedt to 'perilh by a final! knock. Saint Chryfafiame bath an excel- lent exprcffion to thispurpofc; Orenia boria mandi triplex internist millet une ex re iplis veterafeunt, ate lulus : Dominortem confarnuntur, nut ab exrraneir dolo, vel vialentia, vet calumnia diripiunrur: The good things of this world pals from us three ways : either theybecome old or worth nothing of themfelves, or they are consumed by the riot of their porfeffors, or they are taken away by the deceit, violence, or cavil-' lotion of others. Therefore no perpetuity in them. 3. But in coning to God there is Loth fafe:y , and oas oon ftabi- lity and. therefore in God and in him alone is true and perfect felicity, for as Chrifl laid to the \Voman of `Samaria , y'Vhofoever drinketh of this Jólw ,-. t3 water; (hall ncvec thirfft , if thou wilt have the water, of life , go to the foureais, for in fonte fatieeuo, therein fatiety r fo if we will have true felicity, and lob. I. -Luke is. 10. I;t Math'. 6 a'