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20 +11,e Floast6Ìe sect Seekers Chap. 4, Reafonsalone. cannotbring us_ to:Goa'. Ir tto The like feftaries "are in our days, who are called by the learned tfe fats th* mutt have a reafon ( foyfooth ) of every thing : and as long as you go with thet;t its the wayof reafon, they will keep youcompany, fo far will they go with yen; and no farther. , Thereforewe are to prove, that the waÿ to God by belief, is noel) convenient and neceffary, and that theway by reafon without faith is the wor(i and tttott in. convenient. By Reáfon t Ifwe mufl come to God byreafon only and knowledge, then it willnecedw ly. follow, that none (hall be faved, but the learned, and tholeof excellent wit and ea- pacity for none but they are capable of demonstration : but the way ( of all other ) is moll convenient, that but few only can go in. This is, as if many undertake a Journey together, and becaufe fume can climb hedges and ditches, the rtfl Mutt pall X. thatway alto. But Gads way is Zia reáia. The Kings high-way. z. Again, betides the excellency of wit and apprehenlion, therearegreat pains neceffarily required to come ro knowledge : and many arefo weak by nature, that they cannot take the pains that (hail be needful to acquire it : many alfo are to n-410,1- - cd in feveral affairs, that they cannot (pare fo much time as is requift: nodnosily (ss we fee by dayly experience ) that bend themfelves that way, are cut off before they can attain to it : fo that wemay fay, that if there were no other way toget theknow- ledge of God but by reafon, there wouldbe fewthat fhould enjoy that felicity, But God hath prefcribed a more compendious way : we need do nomore, than believe c afegttrrtifilms we have attained it. 3. And whereas they objeft as l'orphirie did :o the Chriftians'ofhis time, that too much Credulity is; a flgn of levity; and was an hindrance to many in coating to God by belief, we may T. anfwer them by another Paying of their own. fit,*.rte®ere. dulur, nijicredit _hrltoaut imp;obe, No man is to be accounted credulous, but he that (hall believe a fool or a knave. Andof folly and impiety God mutt needs beacquitted, left we fall into Blafphemy. For Detn,as he is perfefba caritas perfeft trothand cannot deceive, fo is heperfeü wifdom and perfect ,ightesufnefstoo, evenrighteoufnefs, truth, and wifdom it Pelf, and cannot err, therefore it is no danger to be taxed with credulity; for coining to God by belief. Now; that this way by believing is the fureft and i .ol certain way, cannot bede. nied, becaufe faith is grounded upon the word of God, though ;publïfhedand fee forth byman. And this appeareth by four etieftsor circuin lances, as Origen fees then/ down. ernr.acelf, a. As healing of incurable Difeafes, loch as were the leprous, hydropique para. lyrique, and men pcífefled with unclean (pasts, which Phyfick could not cure, 2. By railing and reviving men fromdeath. 3: 13y fhaking the powers of heaven- 4. In that fithple and unlearned men,inone hour provedexceilent,and wonderfully skillful in all the tongues. And therefore, there mufl needs have been a divine power in them that wrought there things, whereby appeared: the certainty of the ef-teft, though not ot the eaufe, 2. A fecond anfwer to Porphirier objeftion is. That the fufpition of credulty-ap pearsrather in the way of reafon, than faith becaufe,' r There being twohùndred eighty eight fer eral opinions of Philolophees,, and every one of them having arealon for his Syrnmum bonum or felicity, theremutt needs be many crofs ways among them; And the way of truth being fitopinx& unica but one, it were impoffible for a roan, among fuch diverlity of opauons to be in any certainty; and therefore neceflarily mufl fall into the tax ofgreater credulity. danoof ,rr,to. 2. Arißatlefaith, there's no necefírary thingwithout mixture of contingency to it s and therefore there can he noabfolute dcrnonflratiou, and confe<luently there's no' thing fubjeel to knowledge without coste diftory opinions. And this being fo, what can be more uncertain? 3. But chiefly in the knowledge of prima entra things that have the fires being, they confers themfelves'tu be in the dark, they tra.nfcend their underÇ ndiog, us well inre.,; fpeft of the, objeft, becaufe they are immareriara immaterial, without matter, as of the fountain or caufe of our hue.ehdge, becaufe Principiaaratiun+tta,(embus ducuntur, the retires are doors letting inwhat realm: worketh upon. 4, And