Andrewes - Heaven Collection BV4655 .A6 1675b

EADER; Here is offered to thy View; apothumous Work ofa Reverend and Famous Bifhop, one of the greatef} Lights which the Church of Chrift Lathhad in this latter age,and the Glory ofour Englifh Church, while he lived; AWorkwhich maymerit thy Accep- l tance, in Refpe& both of the Author, and the Sub- jell which it handles. Of thefirft I fhall need to lay little, the very name of Bifhop Andrews proclaiming more ; than if I Ihould`fay that hewas a Judicious, Profound, and every way Accomplifh'd Divine, an eminent Preacher; a learned Antiquary, a famous Linguiff, acurious Critick, a living Library amongft Scholars, the Oracle ofour Church,afuch aPrieft, whole lips peererved knowledge, andat whole mouth the Lawwas to be fought Whatadmirableheight of Learning, anddepth of Judgement, dwelt in that Reverend Prelate, he that would know, may read in thole H- iring Images of his Soul: And as hisother works praife him in the Gate; fo this which is now prefentedto thee, though compofed in his younger years, when hewas fellow of Pembrok-Hall in Cambridge, will demon- A,,,,, I s$sè ftrate , that the Foundations were .then laid of thofe great Parts and Abilities, wherewith he was furnifht, when he came to the Episcopal Chair, and the ground work of all thole other learned La- bours, wherewith he afterwards enricht the Church ; for in thefe Leaures, ór Colledge Exercifes ( which Were heard with the publickap- plaufe of the whole Univerfity, where fcarce any pretended to the Study of Divinity, whodid not light their Candle at his Torch) it will appear, that he hadeven then gone through the whole Encyclopedie of Divineand Humane Learning,and that as he was a rich Magazine ofall Knowledge; fo he had here contrafted the Quinteffenceof all his vaft Studies, and the highconceptions ofhis great and aétive Soul, into thefe Lectures, as intoa common Treafury for he that !hall perufe this Book; !hall find, befides his perfection in all humane Learning, Philofophy and the Arts; his ex- quiflte knowledge in all the learned Languages ; and that befides hisskill in the facred Text, ( wherein his greateft excellency lay) hehad read and digefted the Fathers, Schoolmen, Caluifts, as well asmodern Divines, that he was throughlyyerfed inall kinde of Antiquities, and Hiftories, in Theology, Moral, Scholaftick, and Polemick, and no ftranger to The La« s, both Civil andCanon, and which feldomeconcur in one, that he was eminent, as wellin the Rational andJudicial, as in the Critical and a Hilt