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Serm. 4. -inc®nftf1ent with Grace ? 89 5. Tike heed of reafoningfromGods temporal forbearance,ta eter- nal forgivenefs. Becaufe fentence is not fpeedíly executed again an evil Ecclef.i.i r, doer, his heart ie fully fet snLimo do evil : bat though a limner doevil an r z hundred times, and his dalesbe prolonged, &c. yet it [hall not be well with the :wicked at tall. . 6. Take heed of prefuming of thy own (rength, I can,and I mean to Jai repent, I can whin I will,and I will when time ferves : I truft I am not xni en pxnitenti vcni- fo bad, that God bath not given me over ; many have gone further than am, nonpromit I, why may I not repent at left hour ? t t peecanti pce- 7. Takeheed of a tr.ock-repentance, faying, I cry God mercy, God '4itentiam. forgive me, I n daily and repent daily, when I have fworn or been drunk, I a n heartily forry. Is not chis repentance ? I anfwer no, Re- pentance is quite another thing : the burnt child,we fay, dreads thefire. Thou hall fmarted for furetifhip, and haft repented of it : thy friend comes again and delires thee to be bound with him once again, thou repliefi, I have paid dear for furetifhip already, I have repented of my folly, I have refolved to come into bonds again no more, nonot for the heft friend I have, thou art importuned by many arguments, but, pe- remptorily refufefi:urge me no more,I havevowedamd refolved againfi, and have made an oath,I would never be taken in that fault again.Now I believe thee, that thou hall truly repentedof furecifhip, why doff thou not thus, when thou art enticed unto fin again ? why dolt thou not fay ? I have fmarted, confeffed, bewailed, been heartily forry for my former folly : now fpeak no more of it, 1have fworn and will perform it, to keep P11. r r'. r ®6. Gods Commandments. Away fromme ye wicked, I mutt keep the Corn- I fal.r r 9, r I s. mandments of my God.This would be fomewhac like true repentance. But take heed of a mock-repentance,lett as true repentance meets wich a true pardon, thy mock-repentance (Mould be anfwered with a mock- pardon, as Tertullian excellently faith, Therebe forme that fay(faith DePciitc;:t, he) their heart is good, they fear God,grieve for fin,though yet they fall into fin, they can, falvafide & usetu, peccare, &c._lie & ip f falva venia ingehennam detrudentur, dunefalvometti peccant. They can live in fin, neverthelefs notwithflanding their faith and repentance, and God can damn themneverthelefs notwithíianding his mercies and promifes and pardoning grace. True repentance among other companions is alway attended with chele three, what carefalnef, what indignation, what fear hash it wrought in you ? S. Confider fan reiterated rifeth high, adds another figure to in- creafe thy account, Is the fin of Peor to little for yox (old fins in igno- rance )but thatyou melt this day again turn away anew. The Lord keeps N an