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Serm.5. check Sin in the ftrfi rl gs of it ? 93 2. We have here the fecondAdana,who;is a quickning Spirit, i Çor. 1 5.45. There is in good and holy fouls an immortal feed, a principle of life and righteoufnefs, an ntidote to the former poyfon, for the law of the spirit of life which is in ye* Chrift hat) made au free from the lazy of fin and death, Rom.ó.2. 7)hilo the Jew, or whoever Was the Author of that noble Tra& in the Apocrypha, called the Wifdorn of Solomon, Wifd,74. ailes it - -- The unfpottedMìrrrur of thepower of God, and a page influ- enceflowing from the glory of the Almighty. Every one [hit is in Chrift is i a a new creature,b born again;c and made partaker dale divine nature, a Eor. S 7. for it is the royalty of that King of Saints --- dBehold I make all things 6: new. TheDivine Spirit, that great and heavenly Archeus is bute in z pcti,q: holy fowls, that mighty principle of life, iscounter-working the flesh, d Rev.z,I.S. and its lufts. So that now the weapons of a Chriflians warfare are mighty through God, for the pulling down offtrong holds,axd thecaptivating every imagination, yea, bringing, every thought into the obedience ofChrift, 2 Cor.1o.4>5,17. 3.Here are the terms and bounds of the Spirits conqueas in this pre- fent life,at which aChri'.lians hopes and endeavours muff takeaim, not the extirpating, but fubduing, not the not having, but,the not fulfilling the lulls of the flesh ; the ffefh will be luwing, that accurfedwomb will be conceiving in theregenerate themfelves. But here is the Chritlians priviledge, that while he walks in the Spirit, thole conceptions (hall prove abortive. 4. The words entirely, and in fum, prefent us with the method and way of conquering, with the lrt ofcircumventing fin in the lira ave- taues,,and approaches of it. the Spirit, &c. this is the -1-4,f ,the great and Achillaan Stratagemagain(t the powers of darknefs, the true and only courfe we are to take, if we would wrangle the brats of psight and hell in their very birth, and crufh the Cockatrices egg, whilfi it is hatching, and before is excludes the Serpent. So that in fine the Obfervation which refulteth, is this Thebell expedient in the world not tofulfil the lulu of the flefli, is to walk TDortrire. in the Spirit, which what it imports, I corenow to (hew. t . w4/kin the Spirit, i.e. in obedience to Gods Commandments which are the Oracles of the Spirit ; that this is excellently preven- tive of fulfilling the motions to fin, appeareth Ffal.119.1,2i3. Blef- fed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the Law of the Lord Bleffed are they that keep his tefgimonies, they alto do no iniquity ; again a little lower, ver. 9. íleherewithal (hall a young man cleanfe hisway ? by tak-ingheed thereto accar4tug to thy word. ilrifiotle that great DR,:}a- tor