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Serm.5. check Sin in the fill riling, of it ? 101 as is wer;, natural. Bu is a good conscience hash a delicate tune, It is the moll tender thing in the whole world, ie feels the le íl touch of known fin,and grieves at the grieving of Gods good Spirit, not only for quench- . ing, or refiging,or rebelling egairf? the Holy Ghoft, but even for grieving the holy Spirit of promife, whereby it is fealed to theday of redempti- on, Eph.4.3o.The moff tender hearted Chriaian, he is the floutef+ and moil valiant Chrifiian. Happy is the man that fearethalways, but he that hardneth his heart fhallfall into mifchief, Pro.28.14. it is the truelt maa nanimity,and heroick courage in our fpiritual warfare to tremble at the leafl: iniquity. A Chrif1ian is never finer to endure hardnefs as afaithful z Tim,i.3: fouldier of fefus Chrifi,then when hisconfcience is mot+ tender. To be fuck a coward as not to dare tobreak anyone of GodsCommandments, is to be the valianteí+ perfon in the world, for fuch a one will chufe the greatefl evil of fuffering, before the leaf+of (inning ; and however the jeering Ifhmaels of cbe world be ready co reproach, and laugh one to fcorn, for this nicenefs, and precife fcrupulofity ( as they term it ) yet the choice (if Godbe but wifer than vain man) is a very wife one. Keep an exaél guard up-on thy heart, Pray.4.23. let the eyes of thy Rule 5. foul be open and awake, upon all the f}irrings of thy thoughts and aife- ¿ions. Bid them Eland at their firfl appearance. As foci as ever thou difcrielr any of them in motion, fummon them before thy fouls tribu- nal let them net pafs till thou knowefl perfectly, whence they come, vthither they go. Ask their errand : State viri ; quecaufa vie ? quive eg is in arm's. Virg. Is it grief,ol is it joy,or hope, or fear, or love, &c. thrt is now upon the march ? Demand the wordof it, ask whether it hath a Pafs fromGod, and Confcicnce ; Catechiie ic,examine it, fearch it ; fpeak to it in the Cencinel'ti and Watchman's phrafe, d`ci áv vt PaileutTa, Phewme your Ticket. Tell me my defire, my love, my fear, my anger by whofeautho- rity art thou now up, and in motion ? if they are able toproduce a good warrant, from Gods Commandments, or from the didtate of reafon, and confcience,lct them goon in Gods name ; they are about theirbufi- xiefs. But if they cannot, arreít them as idle vagrants, nay as enemies to thy fouls peace, and charge them upon their allegiance to their fupe- riours, that they air no further. Be daily training and exerciíng all thy graces. H. ve them alwaies Ru4 6, in barrel-array, be in a military pofture, both defenfive and of%;nfive. Standconaantly to thine arms, for thou hail to do with two enemies that