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Serm.5. check Sin ix the firf6 rifings of it? 103 in fin for a feafon,to be compared with the rivers of Gods pleafure, that are for evermore at his right hand ? And what is a little wealth, that thieves can (teal, a defpiéable heap of riches,which like a flockof birds a lighting a little while in thy yard, will take wing prefently and fly away, to be named, with the unfearchable riches of Chri(, or that in. bedLance of the Saints in light ? or what is the painted bubble, the fa- ding, though beauteous Rainbow, of earthly honour andgrandeur, to a weight of glory, to an incorruptible crown of righteoufnefs,that fadeth not away, to a Kingdom, which it is the Fathers good pleafure to re- fervé in the higheft heavens for every Cheep, and every'larrib of his little flock, and ( to name thefe Confiderattons by clutter ) remember, that the greatelt wifdoai is to do, not-what in forne poor few regards is, but what is abfolutely lovely and defirable ; that what is bell of all, is bell for thee to love, andmind, and profecute ; that a good confcience is a tart?: 7 continual feaft, that God alone is enough, and without him,. nothing F '7F" á` for thy happinefs :.that thy foul is worthier thy care, than thy carcafe,;T_ °n and the life to come,than this,that eternity is more valuable than time; 6, that not the opinions of men lulled afleep in voluptuoufnefs and fenfu- cane. ality, but Gods e(iimate, but the fentimentsof the holielt, bell, and wifefl men, or ( if youneeds will) of theworft and vilelt, when confci- ence is awakened, when they come to lye a dying, and when they fh:al Rand before God at the laft day, are to be preferred as.the wife1.. That . everlaaing happinefs cannot be bought too dear, but repentanceand (hame may eafily. That the harden doi isor fufferimgs for Chrift, are infinitely eafier thaneverlafting mifery. That heaven, and glory, will more then recompence all thy felfdenials, and mortifications, all thy vvacchings, faflings,&'c. and in the mean time, the very hopeof it, be- tides the peace of God, wrrich paffeth all underttanding, and his love andt grace, and the comfórts of his Spirit, will certainly fweeten all the tedioufnefs of thy way toheaven, with inexpreffìbleredundance of fatisfa6tion, yea, foinetimes with joy unutterableand full of glory. In fum, that God is a good Mailer, and his fervice perTec& freedorw, for betides the glorious recompence to come ; thy work, Chri(tian, is even now its own reward. If thou believeft ltrongly fuch Aphorifms as thefe ( and heis madder thanany in Bedlam that dorh not believe them) it will be nohard matter,by Gods bleffing and allilance,in their firebrh topat toflight the armies of the aliens, at leaft to (hield thy feif againfi the volleys of fiery darts, which at anytime the Tempter (hall pour upon thee. Withdraw thy felf if pofiìble from the occafions of fin. Ir is good RI410.-8; ,flanding