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Seri2]. I . I Howmay we be univerfally and exaUly Conlcientious" A&s 24. 16. And herein do I eteercife my Pelf, to have alwvaies a Confcience voidof offence towardGod, andtowardmen. His Sermon is but preliminary to force felett cafes of Confci- ence. And in this Text you haven notable Anatomy of Confcience, wherein are thefe fix things fngulariy confi- derable. z .Here's the Index to the book of Confcience; The Eye to the pourtraiture of a Chriflian, that according to your leverai ftand- ings,looks upon the Bufnef , the Time, the Manner, and the Caufe of this account. Herein a] in this, i. e. in this baáh'nefß b q. d. here I am arraign'd a a a _ P777a. Malefa tour, charged with Sedition, Schifm; and Heretic, in this my aín °C vulg. Confcience acquits me. Hereindo Iexercife, &c. Again, Herein] in, or at this time c, q.d. 'Tis but five dhies ago, lince I was c. 7. B 6+ flaps in the mouth for this defence,and I fee thofe prefenr,that fo rafh- 26rra De Dicu, ly, and illegally cenfured me, yet now before more equal judges, I bring the fame defence. Herein Iexercife myfelf, &c. Again, Herein] in this manner't,g,d. My manner of lifefrommyyouth,which d eftbio1icfc. Was at the fcrfi among mine own Nation at Jerufalem, know all the Jews, '.e._.v e4D77v- which knew mefrom the beginning (i if they wouldteftifie) that Rivedaf- ter the firaitef{ fell of our Religion e : And I am nor confcious tomy felt fTiïin, it of any crime in refpea of their Law, either inmy udaifm or Chri.fl i- Hits 23.i. anity f : Or thus, Herein] q.d. Ihave hope towards God --- that there 'hall be a Refur- g Syr. A ra b. reElion of the dead, both of the jua and unjaefi ; and therefore g with me it tT üïoDteïeo. J a very fwall thing that I (he- ' e judged of you, er of mans judgment : Dieu, yea, 1 fudge not mineownfelf, for 1 knew nothing by my [elf, yet am I not verle 15. hereby jrrf¢ifed: but he that judgeth me is the Lord'. And therefore ha- h I COr4.3'4 ving an eye ro the rcfurrelion, and lafl e judgement : 1 exercif ' my el Ì 1 p`opte hocf.é. tohave; &c. . $ f yf Uïepte; b7r,.c- drrciam.Grot. . Here's 4