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AIM r 21 How muff we vift fick per(oras ? Serm.6, truth, for vvhy flaould Roc men be as accurate in healing mens fouls, as their bodies? fence the very Heathen could fay,That all our care 4:ould be tranflated from the things of the body, to the foul, fo Epielettes in his 63.Chapter, cV5 T,,íieHp zoos c7-?' anti 4) $¿c. and as for the body menprize thofe Phyfitians molt that belt know their temper, &c. fo fhould rick perfons prefer ( c.rari r paribsu) that faithful Miniher that hath moft knowledgeof them,erc. 2. The great bufinefs is to bring the lick-man to a true fight of his fiate and condition : indeed this is an happy thing, whatever his con - dition be, if hiscondition be found and good, then it is an happinefs to know it,that he may have the comfort of ir,if it be bad, yet it is an hap_ pinefs to know ir, that a man may be capable of counfel, and put into the way to amend it : it is true,evil men, likeperfons much in debt,care not to look into their books, and underftand their debts, but they mutt be brought to ir.And the worfethy condition is,the more art thou con- cerned to difcover ir, for to be ignorant of thy condition, if it be good, only hinders thee from comfort, but if it be bad, it hinders thee from falvation : you and theymull both confider, that as the heart is alwaies deceitful, fo then efpecially for three reafons amongst others. r.Then men are impotent and unable to examine themselves, their natural parts are weakned,the eyes of their mind clouded : their mind is diver- ted bybodily pains that ir cannot actend,and fo may fooner be cheated. 2.Then men are floathful and lihlefs as to all fpirituall exercifes:ifeven good men are floathful in their molt healthful times, how much more evil men in times of ficknefs ? The lifilefnefs of the body generally makes an anfwerabie impreffìon ul-on the faculties of the foul ; that be- ing a received truth amorgfi Phyfitians and Philofophers, and ratified by daily experience,t hat moresan:.mi, feguranturtemperameitum corports. 3. In times of flamers men are greedy of comfort, and fo will catch even at a fhadow, c5-c. upon all there grounds there needs the more caution, to letbefore his eyes the fo'ly and aiifery of felf-deceic,efpeci- ally in eaerlafting matters. 3. Minifiers and others muff take great heed left while they avoid one extream, they run upon another, which is a common errour in pradtife ; forne for the prevention of defpair, have made fuch unfeafo- nable applications of comfort, as have begotten prefumptuous hopes. Others again to prevent prefumption, have fo indifcreetly aggravated things as w render them hopelefs,and fo carelefs, &c.there mute there- fore be a prudent con temperation of things together : as the wife Play- titian mixeth feveral ingredients, he puts in indeed things of a (harp and