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128 NOW voer ji we vip fickperfons ? Serm.6. you, as Prov.I. Now you are at leafure to confider, then fraffcient un- to theday will be the evil thereof. And therefore be perfwaded to improve the timeof health. Ic is the general cufforn of lick perfoos to fend for Minii ers to prepare them for the future life, when they defpairof the enjoyment of this prefent life. A learned man wittily obferved, that as they fay, Ubi definit Philofaphue, incipit Medicar : So it m.iy he Paid, Ubi definit Medictee, incipit Theologise, where the Phyhtian ends, the Divine begins. Thus they begin to live at the end of their life : But you, if you be wife take this counfel ( and O that my words might prevail with you ) delire to (peak with able and godly Miniflers in the time ofyour health : Thar, that is the acceptable time ; Then may they give counfel freely, and youmay follow their counfel throughly. That was the courfe of thofe Converts, Aas 2. They did not carry till their fouls were ready to breath out themfelves into eternity,but in the time of their health applied themfelves to Peter,&c. Menand brethren, what 'hall we do ? 2. Make filch applications to your friends in health, as you mull do in (icknefs (if youmean to difcharge your duty to God, or friendfhip to them ) you will give them and your felves too great cafe and advan- tage by it,&c. Remember what obligeth you to do it in ficknefs, obli- geth you alfo in health ; you are your Brothers keepers, you have all, curamanimarum,cure of fouls.And as Miniflers are bound to this work virtute officii, by virtueof their office, fo you are bound to it, ex lege charitatis : And furely if everyone of you, are bound w deliver your neighbours Oxeor Afs, when you fee it falling into a pit, much more are you obliged to have compafiton upon their fouls, when they are going down to the pit, from which there is no redemption. How