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Serma.7, partakeof other wens fins ? 135 drun%enne- abounds, let it alone faies the Mice of peace ; profane- neß abound,, let it go, flies the Minifle . Snd,a whole Catntbe thus, a this were to beat the fins of a whole Pars , whole Nation upon a mans back at once. See that this purpofe. Where you find the fins of the people charged upon the Governours for their permifjïon and toleration,both fins of `Dot`trine and Praelife.Of Do- arine,Rev.z.12,14,T S. Unto the Angel of the Church of Perganaas write. 1 have a few things againfl thee, becatife thouhaft there therm that hold the deEtrine of Balaam, fo haft thou alfo them that hold the dotirine of the Nicolaitans, which thug 1 hate. This is charged upon the Angels he Overfeer and Governeur of the Church,he fhould have hindered it, and he did tolerate and permit ir, and it was his Sin ; and foof Pra lice, Rev.2.18,20. !Into the Angel of the Church in 7hyatira, write, I have afewthings againfl.thee, becaufe thou fufereft that woman 7ez,abel, which calleth her felf' a Propheteß to teachandfeduce, &c. To filer 7ezabel co teach in a Nation, is to fuller painting,andwantonreß, and uncleanne(?. there were the Sins of Yetabel, and to permit them is to partake of them. Object. ` But force may objet` and fly, Why does God then permit Sin to be in the world ? he might hinder ir, and he might prevent ir if he would ; there could be no wicked.nefs aed under theSun,but by ` Gods permiflion; the Devil could not tempt 7ob,nor Satan couldnot ` lift Peter without leave and commiflion fromGod, neither could any ` wickedman a& his villany and fpir out his venome, without Gods frifferarce. Ifpermion of Sin be a partaking of Sìn,how fhall we vin- ` diva e God from the imputation of unrignteoufnefs ? Anf. 1. This was Tvlarcion'swicked and malicious cavil at Gods pro- vidence about the firfl Tran greflïon ; Why would not God, who forel:aw the iffue, hinder Eve and the Devil from conference and com Bu- nion together, th t fo Sin might have been prevented, and the World been everlafingly happy ? unlefs (faith he) God was either enviow and would rot, or weaik,and couldnot hinder ir. To which Tertullian replies, Becanf. Godwas arbitrary andfee in his gifts. Auf in anfwers,Tecaufe it was his will. Proffer an Hilary reply, The caufe may be un&nown, it can- not be urrjufl. Alt which is enough, Os obturare, to murtle that Heaven- daringmouth of Blafpherny. Put afterward Auftin anfwers,That though fin be the worfl thing in the world, yet the exiftence offin is not ill ; as poyfon would do nohurt if men would not meddle with it ; but that fatisfies not our cafe. Therefore, 2. ThoughGod bath authority, and is of ability to prevent andhinder° the