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Senn. 7. partakeof other nuns fins í' 1 3 Generations,by thy imitation, and fo Sin never goes alone; a fingle fin is as great a fokecifm in Divinity, as a fingle think, is in Grammar and Morality; and that you may know 'Chriftians, I do not fpek without Bool¿,in fo faying, wttnefs that dreadful place, Mat. 23. 34, 3 5, 36. Wherefore behold 1 fend unto you Prophets andwife men, and Scribes, and fome of them ye [hall bill and crucifie, andtome of them ye [hall fcourge inyour Synagogues, and perfecute from City to City. Mark , that upon you may torso all the righteous blood (hed upon the Earth , from the blood ofrighteous Abel, unto the blood of Zacharias the Son of Barachiaj, whom ye flea , though {lain in 7ehoafh reign , almof+ nine hundred years be. fore , yzt ye flew betwaen the Templeand the eAttar. Verily 1fay unto you, all theft' things fhall come upon this Generation : And why ? Becaufe they finned after the /imilitude of their Fathers tranfgrenfrion. Oh what matter of humiliation is this to every foul that continues,, in any known fin. 7. By countenance ; by delightful fociety and company wirlia wicked men to countenance them, fo we become partakers of their fins, i Cor. 5. I I. compared with 13. But now 1 havewritten toyou not to beep com- pany. 1 f any man that is called a Brotherbe a Fornicator, or Covetous , or an Idolater , or a Railer, or a Drunbard,or an Extortioner , with firth a one no not to eat ; Therefore put away from among your felvec that wick!el perfon. As you would avoid thefn, avoid the fanner : Eating does de- note intimate fellowflip and familiarity , and we cannot be intimate with fuch without contra&ing their guilt to ow own foule. 'Tis true indeed, allcommerce with fuch is not forbidden, for then, as the A- poftle fayes, we mull got out of the world, verfe to. Bur intimate fociety is upon this account. And therefore the Apo/lle, or at leaf{ the Tranf- latour does here teemCritically to dif}inguifh between corp tnying, and beeping company, verle 9.comp+red with I I. 1 wrote toyou in an Eprjtle not to company with FornicatoAs ; but now 1 write to you not to keel; company ; Company we may, yea we cannot avoid it , but keep cóxn- pany we mu[} not with wicked men. As elfewhere the Holy Glo(I dittinguifhes between finning, and committingfan ; He that is born of God doth not commit fin, filth Sr. Yob/. The holte(} man on this fide Heaven cannot but fin,' frith the fame Apo/lle , aye but he that is born cfGoddoes not commit fin ; 7n he does, but commit fn he loth not, i.e. he doth not delight in ir, he doth not tile it, he loch not make it his praaie.e. So here. We read in Scripture kv11,''e Wìc'rred men h'v° orr,.n fared better for the godly, as T ibavi for yacòb, and Potipl,ar for 7 freph, and Ahdb for ?e- T i®,ikaphat, i