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I S 8 The Caxrverfon oar Se t`r 8 1 Cor.12.7. Co1.4.6. L1'h.4.2 9. Cant.' 12. Prov.a 7. 9, John 12,3. Pfa1.133.'- ' Thcf 5.''. Rom.14.19. Hcb.3.' 3. Col.3 16. Ezek.' 8.3o. Heb. 1 0.24. James 5,20. John .41. the Gofpel, and related the Flory of his coming to that Imperial City, by rtafon of his appeal ro Cafdr. From all chefe parts laid down together, there refults this Doárinai Conclufion. Obferv. That to endeavour the converfisn and falvation of orsr xear re- Iatit ns,iJR mo/I impartaat duty. The prefident and exampleof our holy Apoflle compared with, and confirmed byother Scriptures, will notably evince the truthof this af- fertion. The manifellatîon of the Spirit is given to ever, min to profit withal. Onegreat end, why God betlows thegraces of his Spirit upon us, is, that we thould fpend the favour thereof upon others. Our dif- courfe muff be feafoned with the fait of grace, that it may rìminitler edi- fication to others. Our fpeech lhould neveroverflow in abundance,but like the watersof Nilur, to render the neighbouringPlantations fruit- ful. Grace is fometimes compared to Light, by reafon of its diffufve nature ; that our fhining converfttions might illufirate others in the paths of Truth and Holinefs.Sometimes Grace is likened to Spikenard, toperfumed ojntmert, whichmull not be fhut up in a box, thoughof pu- reft Alabatfer, but opened, that the whole houle may be filled with the fragrant odour thereof. To Oyl, to the softly facred Oyl that ran down rot only upon thebeardof Aaron, but to the skirts of his garments. ToTalents, which mull be induftrioufly traded with, and not laid up in napkins. To Dews, Showers, waters, becaufe of their frudlifyingvirtue. To a generative Principle, bccaufe of its begettingpower and influence. We are thereforecommanded, exhorted, dìre, ed toedife one another, to exhort one another, to adusoni/h one another, to turn one another, as that phrafe inEzekielfeems to import [ & converti facite ] andmake others to beconverted as well as our felves ; to provoke one another co love and to good works. When converted, we are injoyned to tlrengthen our Brethren, that we may fave their fouls from deach,and hide a multitude of fins. Now theprincipal Obje9s oft his excellent duty are lush withwhom we converfe; fuch to whom we are obliged and connexed by thebonds and links of narure,office, or vicinity of habitation. Herce was it that our bleffed Lord, while he walked in the valley of his Incarnation, exercifed his Miniflry molt part amonghis kindred, relations, and neighbours ; at Nazareth, CapernRurn, Bethfaida, near the Sea ofTileriae, at Cana, and other Regions of Galilee, in which parts he had received his Education. Andrew when he underflood he call of Chrihl, the great Saviour of theworld, he prefently feeks out