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Senn. 8. Carnal Relations. 161 3. That there are different flares, conditions, capacities, and qua- lifications among fuch Relations, whole conveyion we Ihould endea- vour. Some being perhaps enormoufly and outragioufly wicked ; others morally civil, and yet further, others poffiSly may be confor- mable to the in!titutions of the external worlhip of God. Of there I may fpeak [Sparfim,opere intertexto] as the particulars will bear , toge- ther with fuch other appendant cafes that may hold fo;ne confanguini- ty with thegeneral Quettion. To begin then with the fira branch. Quell. s. What meansfuperior's (principally in Family-relations) fhould ufe to draw on their inferiors to relit'fh and favour the things of God ? True it is what ferona (ayes [Gaunt, non nafcuntur Chri iani ] No man Fiäe,onyn. ad is born a Chriftian, but an heir of wrath and Divine jutlice. For the Letam. rem. i. obtaining of the New birth then , in fuck as are committed toour p.s 5.edit.Luod. charge, I (hall draw up direaions under twelve heads. Some where- 1 530. of, though ufualand obvious , in fuch as treat upon Oeconómicai duties, yet being further improved, may by no means behere pall by in filence, fence they are exceedingufeful , and no lets practical than others. Mott men under the Gofpel perifh for want of pra&ifng known Duties ; wherefore let me beg of thee, O Chriftian, that e- very preCcription may be duly weighed , and confciencioully impro- ved , fo íhalt thounot doubt of admirable fuccefs through Divine aff.ì(tance. i. In the firít place, Preferve and uphold the honour and prehemi- nence of that Stationwherein God bath fer you by all prudent means. The Prophet bewails thofe times wherein the Childe !hall behave him- Ifa,3. 5 [elfproudly againfl the ancient, and the bafe againfl the honourable. Di- liance of years calls for diltance of deportment. A Father may chal- lenge honour and reverence ; a Mailer his due fear and fubjedtion from his fervanr. What is duty in the inferiour to yield, is pru- dencein the fuperiour to maintain: Ir is therefore wifely advis'd by the Philofopher, that no perlons fhould marryover-early [Alai' r pey fus e;vas 7-iomìry G' t Agriqww tin c74óais iinov, tihrúp a pis ni(rats Auif.Po1.1.7.0 Zrrip ñ xtuc1Tcw xj 7ÑP óI ol.ecw N1u7rrñv piyrus ] I. For if Parents and Children prove too near in age, there may follow great inconveniencies; In that, roo much propinquity of years diminifheth reverence inchildren, and oftentimes produces conten- tions in the management of Family-affairs. Let fuch a dittance be pre- Hic onym. ad ferved, as may obtain the effedtual ifiue of that counfel which 7erom Gaude;it. re gives to Gaudentius about the educationof Pacratula [Mattis nartrarn pro