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186 Eharaatrs oflove to Chrl Serm. 9. AMI,Alai-44,,MAAMAAM What are the Charac}ers of a Souls fncere love to Chrif1 ? And how may that love to him be kindled and inflamed ? Ephef. 6.14. Grace be with all them, that lodeour Lord Jefus chrifl is `Ncerlty. Rorn.16.2. 4. Cor.i6.z3, 24. z Ep.13.i4. fa1,6.i8. Hefe words may well be treated on without much Preface,there being nothing in t hem ,which (peaks any dependance upon , or connexion with any thing that went before. Some formof Benediction we finde ufed by this Great Apoftle,at the conclu- lion of every Epi(tle; and accordingly having 4 y driven his excellent defign in this to the Church of an affe6lionate addrefs tohGod,oand to period he Mediator in their behalf. V. a 3 . Grace be to the R ethren, and love with faith fromGod the Father, and the Lord Jeffs Chri«, and then leaves his Apoftolical benedid}ion upon them, v.24. Grace be with all them, that loveoar Lord refus Chrifl nf:ncerity : Or,The Wellingof the Eternal God be upon all the fincere Barred Chriftians among you, for fo I look upon the latter words of he verfe, as a Per,phra¡'s of all real Chriftians; Love to Chrifl being as effential to the the Rationalfoul is to the man. Theonely iculry in the words, that will regi,ire our flay, is to enquire, what is cant by [en cep.$ -ia] in Sincerity, fame refer it to the lxábc] Grace enrioned at the beginning of the verfe, as if it had been read [ Eis P`9uPcriun ] unto lncorruption, or tobring them toEternal life, or until hey come to a (fate of Immortality. So many of the Ancients, and of he Modern interpreters Beza,7remellius,and others. Others h t m m á t r