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44 What muft, andcan Perfo>9s de 7. Theymaycone to ir, co fee no help in themfelves or in any crea- ture wh.trtoever, What (hall we do ? fay there wounded men, we cannot help our felves, we have no playfters that will (tick, no medicines which will heal; we are wounded in our Confciences,and as our hands, fo heirs are too (port to help us; its not in humane power to bind up our breaches, What fhall we do ? men may fee themfelves helplefs, that they are withou,_ lirength,fhut upunder fin, guilt and unbelief, children of wrath, and in a loll condition, the Law turfing them and fentetacìng them to fuffer. 8. The) may arrive to a refolution of doing or fuffering any thing to be faved : what (hall we do ? We are refolved if we may find mercy, and live, to do whatever !hall be coremanded, to fur er whatever !hall be impofed. The pride of theirfpirits are broken, their hurts become teachable Ind tra&able, and their refolucions high for any thing to be done or fuffered, fo was it with the J ,ylor, Alta 16 . o. when men are in (forms at fea,or on their fick beds at home, they refolve if God will fpare them, todo or fuffer any thing for God and his waies, and their own falyatton. 9. T ,ey may conceive fair hopes of mercy. The Lord Chrift being held our in the Gofpel, and freely offered ro finners, this breeds hope in them, a general and preparatoryhope: what fhall we do ? You told us that God had raifed up that,efus we crucified, and made him Lord and Chriít ; and that whofoever (hould call upon his name fhould be faxed, therefore we hope there is mercy for us. Thus had they a hope kindled in them,and Peter in the two next verfes,fireng hens their hope, laying, Repent andye fhall receive thesift of the Holy Gho1, and the pantile is to you and to your children. io, They may thirft afrer,and pray for the mercy hoped for. Such a qualification was in thefe men, What !hall we do ? You tren of God we area thirft, and do in treat you to cell us where We may have water to quenchour hear, mercy to pardon our fins, balaie to cure our wounds. Tb. Publican inLrske bath left us his Curt pithy and affe&ion ire prayer, ro imitate being in this cafe and (lace, Lord, faith he, be merciful to me a Amer: He was fenuible of his fin. and of his want of righceo ifnefs, he had hope of mercy, and thereupon came to the Temple topray ; and pray'd earneflly for mercy, and Converfion is none of the leaft mercies of God, or lea(( needful fora iïnner. r 1. Men being come thus far, they are to wait upon God for doing thework : when the pots were fill'd with water, the water was not made Wine, till Chrift put forth his mighty power ; neither were the men