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46 Whomuß, and cos Perim do, &c. Serm.Z, quid nobiis rræcipitur a dce, ad ilóxd facia dam frIficien rem potr:ytiarn hafie.riatu. _W,rit Pelagitt", quadberro foli tw liberi arbi rrii tiiribrn po- trf} perjïcere dei mandata. Brad vvardinusde caufa dci, 1. z. C. 4. Ides datpt,ecep_ tKPa Kt exwet defiderium d Proftet araxili ásrrt. Leo: Rcrri. I Z. The Lord bath two great ends in Paying thus : Turn year felve,, and liveye, although he know man is not able to do it. I. That we may fee howcorrupt and impotent our nature is, and fo break the flrength of humane confidence thereby, and bring us to be fen[ìble of, and throughly to bewayl our condition. It is not fo as fome think and fpeak,vtz..that whatever God co:nmands,man bath power to do : What man ever kept the Law lance the fall of Adam ? And is not the Law given byway of command ? If man could keep the Law, we might be juf}ified and have life by it, Rono3.3. G41.3.2I. but theLaw can neither do the onenor theother, and why ? Becaufe man bath not power or llrength to keep ir. 2. Toput us upon looking out for help from whence the command co:reth. Hence it is that what the Lord commandech us to do in one place, he promifeth to give in another, Circumcife the foreskin of your heart, andGod faitls, Deur.3ei.6. The Lord thy Ged will circumcife thyheart. In the former verfe to the Texr,they are comman- ded to make themfelves new hearts and new fpirics, which they could not do, therefore in Stck.36.26. the Lord promifeth to give and put the fame in them ; Repent and turnyour felves, Ezek.14.6. and chap.36: 27. Iwill put my Spirit intothem, and carefe them to wdkjn trsy water, the Spirit Godwould put in, fhould turn them from their Idols, and own waies, and caufe them cowalk in his waies. The Lord doth therefore command fuch chings,that our delires and endeavours being quic'kncd, he may reach forth helpuntous. Therefore let us apply our felves to all chete means and waies by which the Lord worketh Converlion. Let us make ufe of all the wales forenamed, and efpecially hear the word preach'd and pray, Turn*1, 0 Lord, and ive(hall be turned, and fee to it that we ufethe means in good earne[I ; we may do more( as hath been f hewed) than we do. Its the counfel of himwho was wifer thanother men, that whatever our hands do find to do,we fhould do it withour might, Ecclef.9.1o. that is,with our whole might ; God mull have the heart, the wholeheart-, and the fervency of it, Be fervent in f irit, fervixg the Lord, lafinefs and luke- warmnefs will not promote the work, fervour and diligence may fur- ther it much, fee Prov.2.3,4, 5,6. and remember what the Lord Chrift hath Paid, Ask andye (hall have, leek andye (hallfind, knock and (hall be opened unto yccr. How